We provide agile design, development and integration of business software. Our experienced architects, analysts, designers, and developers offer comprehensive solutions from web or desktop development to cloud and mobile applications. And we will of course ensure that you’re getting the most out of the products you’re already using GVW predominantly specializes in developing software based on Java, .NET, PHP, C++ and Groovy on Grails technologies. However, we have accumulated experience in a wide range of other technologies like Perl, driver development and Python. While working on the projects we get in close touch with the corresponding professional sphere and scrutinize its every aspect specic for the software under development.

That is why, GVW possesses deep knowledge and broad practical experience in such industries as Energy management, eCommerce, product life cycle management (PLM) etc. We welcome every opportunity to be helpful to our customers in everything regarding software development. Working with every single client we apply the latest development standards and innovative technologies and over various methods of work. Sure, we’ll be able to work out the model suitable for you!

Quality Assurance

Software testing has gone mainstream in recent years driven by factors like globalization of software & systems development, automation of early stages of development, compliance and certifications. Studies state that the testing phase comprises of nearly 30 percent of the total Software Development LifeCycle, and every defect found early on saves millions of dollars for organizations.

The segment today is changing its dynamics with greater adoption of SOA, web services, SaaS, wireless and mobile technologies. Each of these trends is further complicated by a more agile approach to software development and an increasing emphasis on repeatability, reliability, re-use and robustness. Ensuring software quality and on-time application/product release has helped testing demonstrate its business impact Our QA and Testing Services can help you plan and execute a quality assurance and testing strategy. We have extensive experience in wide areas of QA and testing, such as developing a QA strategy, quality testing practices and procedures, and reusable test plans and artifacts. We can assist you in the onshore/nearshore/offshore decision-making process, based on your individual needs, for optimal performance and results.

Our Testing Technology Services will streamline your testing practices for maximum efficiency, through Test Automation, Test Environment Management, and Test Data Management.

GVW’s dedicated practice for Testing Services helps customers on this front with its comprehensive range of solutions and services.

Our portfolio includes:

Behavior-Driven software development (BDD) : a methodology which relies on the use of very specific vocabulary to minimize miscommunication and ensure that everyone – the business, developers, testers, analysts and managers are on the same page and using the same words.

Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V) : Services focusing on entire Testing Life Cycle Management Performance Testing begins at the design stage of the development life cycle. Our approach defines customers’ perception of performance, builds performance based on analysis and objectives, and tracks relevant metrics to measure product/application performance.

Security Testing : This ensures applications are secure against known and unknown vulnerabilities, application data is secure and applications are compliant with all security regulations.