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At the 4th Annual Pharma Manufacturing & Automation Convention 2022, Parthiban Sulur, VP Innovation & Growth at Global Value Web spoke on Data Fabric and Digital Innovation: How Value Chain Data can drive patient outcomes. Some of the key topics discussed included:

  • Creating the Life Sciences Value Chain Data Backbone
  • What is new with Data Fabric and why it is needed?
  • Benefits of data fabric for Supply Chain
  • Data Fabric features
  • Successful case examples

Click on the link below to watch the full video!


Parthiban Sulur

Vice President – Innovation & Growth

Parthi has over 30 years of professional experience, with more than a decade in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry. He possesses multi-disciplinary skills in almost all functional areas such as R&D, Innovation, Delivery Management, Operations, Consulting in diverse domains and geographies.

Parthi is responsible to design and drive teams that can deliver value to the customer from Data spread across the entire Lifecycle of Pharmaceutical products. He has extensive expertise in Data and Intelligence projects of all sorts, working with Multiple technology and innovation streams.

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