Global Value Web (GVW) is a value chain enabling company, which deals with value chain related operational improvements in global value chains of Energy, chemical and pharmaceutical/life-sciences companies.

GVW executes parts of information and knowledge intensive processes on behalf of its customers, providing better, more accurate information, and therefore making our customers global value chains more reliable. We help our customers better serve their customers.

The model we apply is a global operating model, where GVW’s services are part of the customers overall global operating model. Services are aligned through governance, quality and quantity metrics and operational process alignment. GVW has basic services in place for “buy”, “make” and “sell” in global value chains and advanced services for “Quality” and “Planning” in the value chain.

Next to services, GVW has aligned with leading value chain solution providers. True value comes from combining talent with advanced solutions. GVW has partner relationships in place with Perfect Commerce to streamline information exchange in the “Buy”-domain of the value chain.

Global Value Web’s services helps value chain solution providers to transform to true cloud service providers in the global value chain domain.


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