CAR T cells - Spark an E2E Revolution

Cell and gene therapies are certainly carving their niche with, major therapeutic advances getting into the drug market. Two of the pharma giants have been successful in getting FDA approval for CAR T-cell therapies to treat certain forms of blood cancer.

How is CAR T cell therapy different from traditional therapy?

After numerous attempts to testing drugs and research methodology, scientists have tried solving this problem by making use of the patients own immune system. Immune cells would recognize and kill the cancer cells thus keeping them at bay. CAR T cell immunotherapy targets the immune system of the patient and boosts it to fight cancer. The therapy is exclusive and customized for patients. Each patient's own cells can be re-engineered in the laboratory to fight cancer.

Commercial Opportunity:

CAR T cell therapies switch from flexible processes into highly skilful processes that can be executed across various collection centres, manufacturing and handling sites. There is a great need for efficient coordination among various sites to ensure material handling and scheduling of patients for the cell therapy.

The Pharma leaders are moving ahead with the goal to prove they can handle the intricacies involved with manufacturing, logistics and supply chain and distributing this personalized therapy to a wider population.

Optimization of the end to end process can be achieved with the following in mind:

Approaches :

  • High level automation from lab to logistics.
  • Use of sensors in manufacturing and supply chain
  • Data analysis from the sensor information and data visualization.
  • Use of Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Transition from centralized to decentralized manufacturing

Benefits :

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Consistency in results
  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Faster decision making and preventing product failures
  • Tracking shipments
  • Greater customization
  • Flexible to meet varied demands