From “Business Internal Information Alleyway” to “Global Industry Information Highway”

Contemplating the laboratory data integrity workshop, that I just followed in Barcelona, whilst the Catalonia part is contemplating its future with Spain... It becomes clear to me, after discussing with lab scientists and lab instrument makers, that in order for the industry to move to a “global information highway”, the thinking needs to move away from “business internal Information alleyway”.

It struck me that many people still behave as if the middleware and message-bus platforms of the previous century still have potential in the 21st century. The week before, I was discussing what the future would be with my CEO friends of the Connect-Once network. Where we are, and where we are going.

We sometimes forget that some industries are still in the information dark ages (the 20th century) Professionals of various disciplines should come together in industry membership bodies, e.g. PIDX (Energy) or Allotrope (Life-Sciences), and with sponsorship of the industry powerhouses truly work towards the respective global information highways for true global industry collaboration.