Law of Genetics: Towards Personalized Medicines

Individuals have different drug response to same drugs due to the difference in their genetic makeup, as vividly shown by many recent research studies. Around this state, pharmacogenetic testing is gaining lot of importance from both scientists and physicians, widely.

Now, the knowledge about this variable response to illicit drugs are limited. Yet, the future holds a potential as it could offer more evidences on determination of appropriate dosing, evading toxic treatments, warranting high drug efficacy to in turn reduce adverse effects to develop novel treatment regimens based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

Here comes, “Personalized Medicines”. Certainly, the future is towards this practice and we aren’t far away to reach this destination. These tailored treatments are already in practice and will become the “medicine of the future”.

This innovative, integrated and collaborative approach of developing therapeutic interventions based on genetics will embed pharmaceutical knowledge towards safety and efficacy of drugs. Thus, unique therapeutic strategies will impact genetics based medical procedures.

This will be a breakthrough in the drug discovery and developmental process. But at last, the focus is more towards reduction in overall cost of healthcare.
Yes, we are in the Age of Change!