T he term Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) was once a luxury, deployed by Billion Dollar Industries. However, the growth of LIMS over the past decade is humongous. It has become an integral part of various industries like healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, chemical etc., irrespective of their size. The usage of LIMS in laboratories integrates most of the laboratory processes, hence reducing time and effort.

Now the Real question is, “what does the future holds for the LIMS users”?

With lots of premium LIMS vendors like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Core Informatics, LabWare, Cerner Corporation, PerkinElmer, Inc., LabVantage Solutions, Inc., LabLynx, Inc., Agilent Technologies etc., competing each other by including many advancements in their tools, the future of LIMS definitely looks spectacular.

Two of the promising feature advancements are listed below:

LIMS in Mobile
‘LIMS on the move’. Sounds interesting right?
Mobile devices has made a massive shift in the lifestyle of people all around the world and now the time has come for LIMS to dive into the smartphone club. Major LIMS manufacturers has already started to build their tools and applications compatible for Android and iOS. One of the main advantages of having LIMS in your smartphone is collection of more data, which ultimately results in increase in efficiency. And also, one can maintain the workflows in their laboratories without being in the office, be connected to their colleagues/Lab technicians all the time and most importantly can make decisions on the go.

LIMS with Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS).
In today’s highly competitive and dynamic market, it’s typical for a large enterprise to implement multiple management systems and software to regulate their quality. But managing these data systems and deriving an unified and effective quality metrics from them is a massive challenge, especially in a life science industry, where the laboratory act as a stand-alone branch from the rest of the organization. Fortunately, this will not be the case anymore as our future LIMS will have EQMS integrated into it. Some of the prime vendors of LIMS including Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed LIMS integrated with Enterprise Quality Intelligence Software. This solution leverages big data across the organization to diminish risk and enhances quality.

Yet to implement LIMS in your organization? It’s never too late.

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