Revolutionizing Pharma through IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection between the devices via Internet

CAR T cells - Spark an E2E Revolution

Cell and gene therapies are certainly carving their niche with, major therapeutic...

Basics of Data Visualization in Business Intelligence

Through our own experiences we can affirmatively say that we can process visual...

Lab Automation: How far this can go in the Pharma World?

There is no doubt that Laboratory Automation will free up life of scientists across research..

Trends in Pharma Manufacturing: Quality by Design(QbD)

Quality by Design (QbD) is a way of designing and developing manufacturing processes

Going Paperless: A Pharma Revolution

Paperless Lab is necessitous today across Global Pharma Industry.

Laboratory Challenges and Lean Practices

In a pharma industry, approximately only 30-40% of the budgets are consumed by the Laboratory workflows, rest of the expenditure gets into other direct or hidden costs.

Benefitting your Business by applying Cost of Quality Principles

The conventional process uses an approach to ensure quality during the end product testing.

Future of Data Analytics in Pharma

India is majorly positioned in the global pharmaceuticals sector accounting for 20% of exports in terms of volume.

Data Challenges in Pharma R&D

Drug Discovery & Development is always a hot topic in the pharma industries that will have its own scientific and business challenges.

LIMS : GVW’s perfect opener!!

In the pharma industry, the use of fully-integrated LIMS platform is huge, due to the benefit in improving lab efficiency.

Futuristic Applications in Pharma : Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Big data and machine learning could generate tremendous revenue in pharma and medicine, in the future.

How to Deal with a FDA Inspection?

Any manufacturing industry registered with FDA must undergo the “Nerve-Wrecking” FDA audit. In recent years, FDA has conducted frequent audits to make sure that the companies are compliant with the regulations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act...

Law of Genetics: Towards Personalized Medicines

Individuals have different drug response to same drugs due to the difference in their genetic makeup, as vividly shown by many recent research studies. Around this state, pharmacogenetic testing is gaining lot of importance from both scientists and physicians, widely...

The value chain of the future

The value chain of the future.
(Oh, don’t expect nothing new. Wash, rinse & repeat.)(Or contemplate what this really means for you...) The journey towards a truly enabled extended global value network...

Promising New Features Of LIMS

The term Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) was once a luxury, deployed by Billion Dollar Industries. However, the growth of LIMS over the past decade is humongous. It has become an integral part of various industries like healthcare, biotechnology,..

LabWare: A perfect solution for Industry

Labware is your best informatics partner in LABORATORY for Cost Reduction, High Efficiency, Transparent Work Status, Customization, High Quality and Compliance Needs. Towards perfection... New functionalities, Crystal reports, Batch/Group, Capacity/Document & Inventory management ...

Smart QC: Just Another Tool

Hurricane Maria’s impact on drug manufacturing in PR

Drug manufacturing was shuttered in Puerto Rico (PR) due to Hurricane Maria as the infrastructure faced extensive damage affecting trade and business. More than 50 pharmaceutical plants were lazed out, halting production...

Good Documentation Practices in Pharmaceutical Industry

In a Pharmaceutical industry, “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen”. Therefore, it is mandatory for every Pharmaceutical industry to maintain proper documentation and records. These documents are a reliable evidence for GMP compliance and acts...

Future of India - Pharma World

Biosimilars: Future of India

Is there a future for biosimilars in India? A big, emphatic YES. The pharma industries are seriously focusing on the market of biosimilars and foresees a tremendous potential for great profit in the future, especially in India where there is a striving opportunity for investors...

From “Business Internal Information Alleyway” to “Global Industry Information Highway”

Contemplating the laboratory data integrity workshop , that I just followed in Barcelona, whilst the Catalonia part is contemplating its future with Spain... It becomes clear to me, after discussing with ...

SUPPLY for every demand

In this epoch of global competition, supply chain demands and tactics are shifting. It is important to analyze the supply chain needs at every level, particularly the supply of products and services to targeted customers...