Compendia Affairs Services

Due to growing patient safety needs and compliance needs, Pharmacopeia standards are expanding their coverage of Products and Materials and scope of purview. This puts pressure on Pharmaceutical Enterprise needs to track and make necessary changes to comply to updated compendial standards for all the impacting Sales Markets.

GVW has established Compendia Affairs Services (CAS), supporting Global Pharmaceutical firms tracking Changes in Pharmacopeia Publications and Proposals every month, Create Assessment reports for impacted products and support in implementing changes to Product documents and amend Master data in deployed systems as well.

GVW has well trained and experienced teams focused on impact of changes to Pharma products, Biologics, APIs, Excipients and Raw Materials for common Global standards such as USP, Ph. Eur., JP, BP, IP and Ch.P. and has impressive track record of implementing changes in Document Management System Documents and MD in affected Quality systems such as LIMS, ELN /LES.