Our people love your data

Our people love your data

Diagnostic Labs

From Raw Patient Data
To Reliable Evidence

Diagnostic labs can struggle to maintain quality and provide professionals and patients with timely results in the complex healthcare network. Global Value Web’s data-driven solutions ensure you can efficiently manage, analyze, and interpret your data to improve productivity and patient satisfaction.

Maintaining Quality in a Digital whirlwind

Delivering reliable data is the core business for any diagnostic lab. With the increasing digitization in healthcare, the demand for timely data has increased. So has the complexity of labs services and products. The big question is: how do you maintain quality throughout all these processes?

Gaining A Little Extra From Existing Data

We enable evidence-based decision-making that helps you run your diagnostic lab more efficiently. The right insights can lead to an increase in efficiency and quality. We build real-time prediction models, from sample tracking to secondary research, and work with your personnel to find ways for data to make their life easier.


Your Lab’s Data Management Partner

GVW’s RWE enabling services focus on providing diagnostics with an effective, efficient, sustainable, and resilient data-driven value chain that brings data to patients faster for evidence generation.

We will handle the data while your professionals focus on their core tasks. We strengthen quality control & compliance, provide a personalized patient experience, and elevate business continuity.

Our Services for Diagnostic Labs

Patient Database Creation (Anonymized and standardized data)

  • Data Anonymization – It is important to protect patients’ privacy before sharing their data. Global Value Web scrambles the patient’s data, ensuring no tracing of personal information. We transform patient data into a standard format that meets quality and regulatory demands, which is ready to be used across platforms, locations, and organizations and enable secondary research.
  • Becoming a valuable data source – Having readily available standardized data makes a diagnostic lab an attractive partner for researchers and organizations that aim to improve healthcare. This will enable collaborations and partnerships that will benefit the lab and its patients.

Assessing performance through outcomes assessment

Improve the efficiency of output (such as TAT, quality), reliability of results, and establish areas of improvement across all stakeholders.

Test Utilization Pattern

GVW analytic dashboards efficiently manage the laboratory test utilization requirements by identifying the physician test utilization patterns. Get strategic insights to cut costs, stock management & resource planning, and improved productivity.

Customer Retention Strategies

Build accurate analytical models, ensuring better output and patient care through artificial intelligence. GVW also enables enhancing customer reach and retention through custom service offerings.

Innovative Service Packages

Strategic insights to devise service packages that enhance the awareness about offerings and their benefits and improve customer delight.

Would you like to know more?

We would love to tell you how we aim to increase your lab’s productivity and efficiency through evidence generation. Please contact Lakshmi with any questions that you might have.

Lakshmi Kubendran

Network of Excellence Leader – RWD & RWE

Lakshmi is a Pharma professional, certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, and has over 14-years of work experience in various streams of the pharmaceutical industry; including, but not limited to Sales and Marketing, Patents, and Literature Management and in Drug Product Development. She’s been with GVW for over 8.5-years and currently leads a Drug Product Development Team.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Global Value Web believes that data is the way to unify divisions and processes in organizations. We ensure continuity of business through compliance and data integrity across the value chain. People come first. Our subject matter experts help your professionals to run operations more efficiently with lower cost and lower margins of error. Furthermore, we supercharge development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of the GVW Value Partners.

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