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Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Pharma manufacturers require reliable data to improve process efficiency and control quality. Streamlining this data can be a time-consuming task. One that Global Value Web will happily do for you.

Unlock the Potential of Your Manufacturing Data: Real-Time Analytics

Global Value Web works with a complete range of real-time manufacturing intelligence and SPC software solutions. We use real-time data to enable process improvement and effective quality control throughout the enterprise. Our analytics, charts, and dashboards help you unlock value from your manufacturing datasets and make an informed decision on process management.

Custom Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

We realize that your organization is unique. That is why we customize our service to your needs.


GVW enables manufacturers to predict and prevent any potential issues that could affect the product by making it easier to diagnose technical and quality problems early on. Our Manufacturing Analytics Services include:

Analytics, Alerts & Reports

Utilization and maintenance of real-time process analytics, alarm, or alert notifications, role-based visualizations, and custom reports. Furthermore, we enable fast and simple charting and application-specific reporting, using, and combining existing sources with real-time data. We also implement configurable dashboards.

Seamless Data interchanges

We connect to all major process databases without requiring redundant data storage and use data set definitions that simplify implementation across multiple data sources.

Manufacturing systems integrations

Our experts work with a wide range of manufacturing systems and combine data from different systems to enable the sharing of product, process, and quality intelligence.

Education and Training

Global Value Web trains your personnel to use manufacturing data and manufacturing data software. We share our knowledge on data handling and provide insights from around the globe.

Drive Operational Excellence through Manufacturing Analytics

Through our technology value partner, Northwest Analytics, we drive the acceleration of digital transformation and ability to harness advanced analytics to enable greater operational guidance, deeper insight across the enterprise.

Combined with NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite, the partnership is a natural fit that benefits global manufacturers as they strive to deliver market differentiation and added value to their customers through the knowledge generated with process analytics.

Looking beyond the manufacturing process

Manufacturing Analytics enables you to identify risks or undesired outcomes in a timely manner, leading to cost savings, higher yields, improved product quality, and ultimately a competitive advantage.

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Would you like to know more about Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence services? Feel free to ask Parthi any questions you might have. He will be happy to tell you more about the our work and vision for the future.

Parthiban Sulur

Vice President - Innovation & Growth

Parthi has over 30 years of professional experience, with more than a decade in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry. He possesses multi-disciplinary skills in almost all functional areas such as R&D, Delivery Management, Operations, Consulting, Business Development, Sales in diverse domains and geographies. He excels in the leadership role, tackling Resource and Operational growth challenges and proactively adding value to customers continuously.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Abarna Santhanakrishnan

Network of Excellence Leader – Lab Enabling Services

Mail : sales@global-value-web.com |

Global Value Web is a network of data experts and technology partners that allow organizations to make the most out of their data. We offer valuable insights across the value chain that will lead to more efficient production processes and reliable quality products. We focus on a better execution today, while keeping in mind the challenges for tomorrow. With our shared knowledge and expertise, we prepare your data flow for a bright and profitable future.

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