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  • GVW participated as a sponsor for PLA2021 Europe | April 27 & 29, 2021 | Paperless Lab Academy

    PLA2021, 8th European Edition: Master your eData Lifecycle

    Connect & Integrate your Scientific Data

    The Paperless Lab Academy® is the ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory, involved in running, consolidating, integrating, or simplifying laboratory data management processes... Read more

  • Global Value Web Webinar Series | Pharmacopoeia Compliance: A Practical Guide | 08 April 2021

    Compliance with requirements published by pharmacopoeias around the world is a legal and regulatory requirement in those countries and regions in which the pharmacopoeia is applicable. This fundamental principle is an important consideration for the global bio/pharmaceutical industry, including innovator, generic, virtual, and startup companies who wish to develop, manufacture, and market drug products, biotherapeutic products, and vaccines. However, there are many challenges – both external and internal to a company – that make pharmacopoeia compliance difficult.

    Presented By: J. Mark Wiggins, Owner and Compendial Consultant, Global Pharmacopoeia Solutions LLC In Collaboration with Global Value Web

  • GVW participated as a Gold Sponsor in Paperless Lab Academy #PLA 2019 | APRIL 9 & 10, 2019 | Baveno, Lake Maggiore, Italy

    #eDataLifeCycle @Work

    Turn your laboratory into a data-driven knowledge center.

    The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory, involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes.

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  • GVW is participated as a Bronze Sponsor in SmartLab
    Exchange, 27 - 28 February, 2019 | Movenpick Hotel, Berlin, Germany


    An Exchange is made up of innovative learning and networking opportunities specifically designed for senior laboratory leaders in the R&D/R&D IT, Manufacturing and QA/QC space. The Exchange is an intimate environment that creates connections which become long-term partnerships. You will experience inspiring keynote addresses, in-depth case studies, structured networking and interactive discussion groups (signature Think Tanks and BrainWeaves). GVW Think Tank Topic Abstract: The topic is the mantra at Global Value Web and it also happens to be aligned with the topic at the SmartLab Exchange 2019, ‘Driving Efficiencies Today and Building the Connected Lab of the Future’.

    GVW Lab Enabling Services bring every day value in today’s lab operations. From speed, efficiency, compliance and improvement in overall quality.

    Investing in laboratory master data today helps in the digital transformation journey of tomorrow.

    Data is at core. Combined with the right talent, in the right collaborative global operating model, clients will be able to shape up their data to fit their digital operating model of the (near) future.

    Speaker: Speaker Profile Louis Hendriks is Managing Director of Global Value Web (GVW). His mantra for GVW and for his clients is to ‘Executing for Today. Organizing for Tomorrow’. Through his 25+ years of experience in global business process services, Louis brings to GVW a deep understanding of partnering in global networks, delivering competitive value to clients. Louis has in-depth experience in the Health / Life Sciences industry and Oil & Gas industry.

    Through GVW, Louis continually looks to improve the quality of various value chain data areas, including the Laboratory domain, for its global clients thus helping multinationals to operate global value chains, in compliance with regulations, effectively and efficiently for the best price to performance ration possible.

    Prior to starting Global Value Web in 2006, Louis has driven many value chain improvement and integrations for various global companies. Louis has successfully designed, sold and implemented remote managed services (BPO) for Cap Gemini’s customers such as Dow Corning, Zurich Financial Services, Laurastar, Eneco, etc.

    The basis for Louis’ transformational value chain experience comes from working in design, in building and transforming the Information Highway for the global express industry with names such as DHL, Danzas, Kuhne & Nagel, Penske Logistics. And later, bringing the same value chain transformation by enabling “.com” for the Dutch Telecom Industry.

    More information and Agenda

  • GVW attended Make the Future Live, July 5 – 8, 2018 | Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

    Make the Future Live is about bright ideas for a lower-carbon energy future.

    Here’s the challenge: Globally, we are using more energy than ever before. But we need innovative thinking to make that energy go further, and find cleaner energy solutions for a lower-carbon world. Great ideas come from conversation, collaboration, partnerships; great minds coming together.

    We need innovative thinking to make today's energy go further and to find cleaner energy to take us towards a lower-carbon world. Great ideas come from conversation, collaboration, partnerships; great minds coming together.

    The Shell Eco-marathon is a great demonstration of brilliant bright ideas in action. Hundreds of students compete to design, build and drive the world's most energy efficient cars. Make the Future Live in London was the final instalment of a global festival of ideas and innovation that began in Singapore, travelled to Detroit and finished at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

    Get involved, get inspired, and help make the future.

  • GVW attended Hannover Messe 2018, April 22 - 24, Hannover, Germany

    From individual components to the complete intelligent factory, as well as topical trends such as energy efficiency, lightweight construction and additive manufacturing – at HANNOVER MESSE you’ll get a complete picture of the industrial value-adding chain under one roof - in Hannover and worldwide.

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  • GVW participated in 2nd-annual-global-smart-manufacturing-summit 2018, April 11-13, Berlin, Germany

    Smart Manufacturing applies information and manufacturing intelligence to integrate the voice, demands and intelligence of the ‘customer’ throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain.

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  • GVW attended ConnectONCE Global Summit 2018, 8-10 April, London, England

    The Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE) is an independent, membership driven, non-profit organization devoted to facilitating and accelerating the growth of global B2B e-commerce. ONCE is a thought leadership consortium of procure-to-pay and supply chain management service providers working collaboratively to advance global internet trade to the benefit of its Members and the customers they serve.

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  • GVW attended ISPE & ISPE GAMP Event: Operational Excellence Through Automation, April 6 - 7 | Mumbai, India

    The pharmaceutical industry is facing significant challenges. Scrutiny by regulators and intense competition has placed enormous pressure on pharmaceutical manufacturers. Many companies are using automation to improve productivity, integrate the supply chain and achieve global compliance.

    The use of advanced automation technologies ranging from manufacturing execution systems to robots, automated process controls, integrated and automated packing lines, integrated warehouse and supply chain systems are transforming operations as never before.

    This conference will explore real-world applications of automation in Pharmaceutical companies. The conference will be held at Hotel Holiday Inn, Near International Airport, Mumbai, India. For more information and to view Agenda

  • GVW attended PIDX International US Spring Conference
    2018, April 3 - 4 in Houston, TX | Hosted by Schlumberger

    PIDX is excited to announce Schlumberger will host the PIDX International US Spring Conference, April 3 - 4, 2018 in Houston, TX. This year’s theme is “Emerging Digital Transformation Strategies in Oil & Gas.”

  • GVW attended ACE 2018, March 20 - 22 Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Collaboration is the cornerstone of Aras and ACE 2018 is the place where everyone comes together.

    ACE 2018 is a great place to meet other users, hear what people are doing, see the latest solutions and find out what Aras has in store for the future.

    For more information and to view Agenda

  • GVW attended Paperless Lab Academy, 2018 March 20 - 21 Milan, Italy.

    Industries that significantly benefit from the Paperless Lab Academy congress include: Pharmaceutical, Lab Services, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Cosmetic, Chemical, Oil & Gas

    The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory, involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes.

    For more information and to view Agenda

  • GVW attended Pharma Regulatory - Mumbai 2018, 15th March | Organized by Virtue Insight

    Virtue Insight is proud to announce its first Pharma Regulatory 2018 conference.

    This unique event will bring key stakeholders gather with the aim of promoting and undertaking to continue work towards a more efficient pharma regulatory system. In the spirit of constructive cooperation, this event brings together representatives from the industry and regulators as well as healthcare professionals.

    In order to succeed in this new environment, it is critical to be up to date on regulatory hurdles and be transparent in all regulatory process. The summit features government and regulatory authorities and expert insights to help you tackle and overcome these regulatory challenges, and to improve the drug and device approval processes for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.
    For more information click here

  • GVW attended Smartlab Exchange US 2018, February 20 - 21 San Diego, CA

    Network, benchmark and learn from 80 senior lab informatics professionals!

    The Smartlab Exchange provides a platform to benchmark with an exclusive group of senior peers and solution providers capable of helping you deliver technical excellence in your laboratory.

    Attendees will spend 2 days discussing strategic methods to drive productivity, cut costs and maintain quality.

    Learn about challenges and solutions in the lab from real world case studies Develop new business partnerships through interactive networking opportunities and business meetings Benchmark your lab amongst senior peers and experts across a variety of industry verticals As a participating member of the Smartlab Exchange, you will personalise your agenda by selecting the case studies, panel debates, peer sharing discussions, interactive Think Tank sessions and exclusive 1-to-1 business meetings of your choice. The Smartlab Exchange has become the ‘must-attend’ event in the lab informatics calendar. Don't just take our word for it - hear from the past delegates and past solution providers.
    Take a look at the agenda

  • GVW attended INDIA PHARMA, 15th - 17th FEBRUARY, 2018 | Bangalore

    Major event to increase overall growth of Pharma sector including exports and focus on increase of Domestic production in the sector by Government of India & FICCI, with the active participation from all Stakeholders.

    Provide a platform to global investment community to connect with stakeholders in Pharma sector in India, Central and State Governments, leading business leaders and top executives from the industry, academics and experts from the world.

    Encourage 'Make in India'- for manufacturing of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Machines.

    INDIA PHARMA 2018 covers the whole process of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, from various kind of manufacturing/processing machineries to Lab Equipment, Analytical Instruments, APIs and other total solutions. For more information click here

  • GVW participated in NICCT event at Slot Zeist on Nov 1st 2017


  • GVW participated in ConnectONCE Fall Summit 2017, 11 - 13 Oct, Barcelona, Spain

    At the ConnectONCE 2017 Fall Summit we will be taking a deep dive into why and how finance and procurement must be aligned as part of a successful supply chain integration process.

    The Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE) is an independent non-profit industry membership organization devoted to facilitating and accelerating the growth of global B2B e-commerce. ONCE is a consortium of procure-to-pay and supply chain management service providers working collaboratively to advance global internet trade to the benefit of its Members.

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  • Louis Hendriks, MD of Global Value Web presented at Global Laboratory Intelligence Summit, 5 - 6th Oct, Milan, Italy

    Global Laboratory Intelligence Summit, organized by CORPORATE PARITY, a well-established conference and event organizer in Europe, through variety of real-life case studies, round-table discussions and practical workshops demonstrates latest technologies that could be used by Global Labs to help increase their productivity and cost effectiveness. Global-Value-Web, with it’s rich experience in catering to Global Quality Laboratories, participates and shares insights with peers at the Summit.

    (Click to know more about the event)

    Louis Hendriks, Managing Director of Global Value Web, with a profound understanding of partnering in Global Networks and delivering competitive value to clients across various Industries, by means of a case-study offers an informative approach to ensure quality product manufacturing by addressing the barriers in various disciplines involved and adopting the right network to achieve the end result. Louis also moderates a Break-out session on Manufacturing, trying to understand HOW DIGITIZATION AFFECTS OUR INDUSTRIES & HOW LABORATORIES SHOULD PREPARE FOR DISRUPTIVE CHANGES?

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  • GVW participated in Spend Control Summit 2017, 3 Oct,
    Olympia Conference Centre, London

    Helping build Faster, Leaner and Smarter Organisations that Thrive in the Digital Economy.

    The world is moving to a new, more challenging economy - an economy where organisations of all types must find ways of doing more with less in order to effectively compete or serve. It's an economy that demands maximum efficiency, so it's a world increasingly driven by technology-based business models.

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  • GVW participated in BioPharma India 2017, 19 - 20 Sep,

    BioPharma2017, organized by Terrapinn, an innovator in Global event hosting provides a platform for innovators, major biotech and pharma players to network, share knowledge and address Industry challenges by way of case studies, innovation showcases and interactive panel discussions. (Click to know more about the event)

    India is progressing steadily in its Biopharma Manufacturing capacity, and remains a competitive destination for International Bio-Pharma players. However, challenges owing to stringent Regulatory and Documentation Standards, directed by the Industry remains. Global-Value-Web, with more than a decade experience of solving complex Quality Laboratory challenges for Top Pharma Global Enterprises, participates and interacts with Industry on existing Best Practices deployed by Global players.

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  • GVW participated in OFS Portal Annual Conference 2017, 18 Sep, Houston, Texas


  • GVW participated in the Smart Lab EU and US events of 2017 in Berlin, Germany and San Diego, US


  • GVW participated in the Smart Lab EU and US events of 2016 in Munich, Germany and San Diego, US


  • GVW participated in the Smart Lab US event of 2015 in SanDiego, US