GVW participates and attends Future Labs Live in Basel, Switzerland


Building a Lab of the Future through Enterprise Science Platform

GVW enables Life Sciences organizations to build a Lab of the Future by connecting data across the value chain. By enabling the transition and providing solutions that bring the best in People, Data, Process & Technology. Where People work data-centric and adjust Processes and Technologies to achieve the maximum outcome for customers, whilst respecting the value of all stakeholders.

Furthermore, we supercharge the development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of the GVW Value Partners.

L7 Informatics, Technology enables handling the challenges of integrating datasets, preventing data silos, and bridging the gap between life sciences and healthcare data.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Louis Hendriks, and Country Lead Italy, Pankaj Chipalkatti, at Future Labs’ live to discuss how GVW can enable you in True Digital Transformation and End to End Lab Automation.


Jun 07 - 08 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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