GVW participates and attends the 13th Annual Clinical Trials Summit 2022, Mumbai


Journey from raw patient data to reliable evidence

What happens to drug users after a drug is launched? Without the proper data, it is hard to say. Research can offer valuable insights, but we believe that accessible Real-World Data is essential to improving patients’ health and satisfaction.

Global Value Web makes sure that data is organized, anonymized, and ready for dashboarding and analysis. We combine data from different sources in a database and process the data to fit a Common Data Model that suits your organization. GVW transforms observational health data into a common format that allows real-world evidence to be generated using OHDSI standardized analytical methods and tools. We will enable your personnel to access this quality data quickly.

We make sure that the data is available throughout the value chain. This will enable shared learning between departments and result in valuable insights that supercharge drug research, development, and operations.

Global Value Web Uses Real World Data To Improve:

  • Characterization studies;
  • Incidence Rate Analysis;
  • Population–level estimation;
  • Patient–level prediction.

We are ready to take you on a magnificent data journey! Real-World Evidence will improve the quality of your products and help you run operations more effectively.


May 19 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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