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Every Angle is an international software company that aims to enrich organizations through the power of actionable insight. Our unique capabilities allow business users, at every level of the organization, to fully understand what activities and processes influence value chain performance and, more importantly, why.

Every Angle has been designed to understand, control and improve the performance of SAP enabled businesses. Its sophisticated, built-in intelligence automatically adapts to match each organization’s specific configurations. The software’s embedded, cross-functional intelligence transforms your Value Chain, Human Resource, GRC and Finance data into real business insight; insight that can be used to create real competitive advantage.

This plug-and-play analytical solution works on any SAP system (ECC/Business Suite), regardless of the underlying database including HANA, and will remove the need for time consuming and expensive BI design and development projects. We hide the complexity of SAP’s data structures and empower business users to operate within a culture based on prevention rather than cure. This self-service capability allows users to identify and resolve key business issues before the customer even notices, and frees IT resources and funds to focus on more strategic initiatives.