The Global Interoperability Framework (GIF) working Group publishes document open to Feedback from Industry Stakeholders

The Global Interoperability Framework (GIF) is a global association with common interest in overcoming barriers to interoperability for the exchange of supply chain digital transactions. A joint working group (GIF Working Group) including members like Connect ONCE (ONCE), EESPA, OpenPEPPOL (EU), The Business Payments Coalition- BPC (USA) was formed in 2019 to develop a neutral framework for global collaboration.

The GIF document published can be downloaded from here and is currently open to feedback from Industry Stakeholders

The Global Interoperability Framework (GIF) is a set of recommended practices, policies, and standards for the operation of any ‘four-corner’ interoperability network organised within a collaborative governance framework wishing to be GIF compliant. Such a network allows its dedicated access points, which are typically service and solution platform providers of various kinds, to quickly and easily inter-connect their extensive customer networks for the secure and robust exchange of digital supply chain-related transactions such as e-invoices and orders. The GIF objective is to enable smoother implementation of end-user business connections by building economies of scale and scope.

As a state of the art reference model, the GIF reflects currently well-accepted technologies and building blocks. It is open to innovation and evolution as new technologies achieve acceptance and critical mass. At this stage the GIF Working Group is not proposing the building of an actual physical network to operate at a global level, but rather seeks to promote maximum alignment of interoperability frameworks operating in different settings based on common building blocks, whilst also allowing for the needs of different geographies or sectors.