It is Global Value Web’s aim to work with our customer base in a partnership mode where the objectives of both companies are respected. Global Value Web aims to achieve an operating margin that allows the global professional services business to grow. Next to transparency in delivery, Global Value Web aims to provide transparency in proposals; in pricing, effort estimates and actual effort, and continuous process improvement.


Global Value Web aims to build long term relationships with its customer base. Engagement can start on a small scale, with just a few talented resources enabling your organization. Having built a strong foundation, we can provide you with the flexibility to scale.
We execute services as an extension to our customers global operational model. When we both believe that we together can achieve long term global value, we could over time grow towards a foundation of more talented resources. Often a series of services are run within our customer base. Either in parallel or sequel. With a strong foundation such flexibility can be obtained.
We provide the talent/people, process models, governance and, if required, technology base to create and operate this model in a continuous service mode. This trusted foundation allows flexibility, including the possibility to scale the services up and down, and target a steady growth. Within this model Global Value Web ensures that the right talent will be available at the right time within your processes and services.
Understanding our customers base, and their need for their customer's service or product is key. Only through long term relationship this global value can be truly unleashed. Close interaction between GVW and Customer. This allows our people and your people to get acquainted on each others organization and capabilities. Our clients benefit from optimized cost levels, made possible by carefully planned continuous service capability.


Customer centric Long term
Global Value Web understands that the success of our customer is driven by the recognition of their customers with regards to quality of work, timeliness, accurateness, professionalism and innovation. Global Value Web's nature is to understand our customers' customers/clients requirements, and provide services with the end-customer in mind. Global Value Web wishes to build a long term relationship with our customers as a global professional service.

Reliable, Quality & Speed Optimized cost base
Our team is probed to focus on the value that the customer obtains from the service. We propose to have a small base team available that is dedicated and is gradually building a knowledge base related to our customer. This should result in fast response time, and rapid and correct interpretation of our customer's needs.
Discussing with the client the service solution; people, process & technology provides full visibility, as well as the means to control the process.
Processing with good interaction with our customers assures that the team is focusing on the right deliverable.

Next to transparency in delivery, we aim to provide transparency in proposals; in pricing, effort estimates and actual effort, and continuous process improvement.