Global Value Web (GVW) is a value chain enabling company. With a presence spanning The Netherlands (HQ), Switzerland, Italy, the U.S., and India, GVW connects data through the Product and the Patient Value Chain. ​

GVW enables Lab Analysts and Scientists to focus on their core tasks, while GVW provides contextual services around their data (and processes) by gathering, cleansing, organizing, curating and analyzing data through remote and on-site managed services.

GVW excels through its global collaborative operating model working alongside client analysts through shared learning. As a technology agnostic company, we work with our client's reality; across systems, geographies and departments ensuring compliance, great quality, speed and efficiency at the best price/performance ratio.

GVW Services & Solutions across the value chain

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Pharma Lifecycle Management Enabling Services
Quality is the backbone of any Industry and any life-saving medicinal product needs to maintains high quality standards and adhere to necessary regulations. GVW’s services ensure that your data is organized and made available in the right manner so that your scientific talent can in turn focus on their core tasks.

Impact Assessments and Change Management
GVW offers various customized Impact / Gap Assessments empowering Development Organizations to take effective, logical decisions backed by strong data. In a highly competitive & dynamic market, these are the right tools that any Discovery / Development Organization needs to stay ahead and move in the right direction. 1) Impact / Gap assessments GVW enables organizations by creating need-based and highly effective tools for Quality Risk Management. A comprehensive assessment (Supplier, Regulatory Guidelines, Laboratory, etc.) helps Drug Development Organizations build a stronger product and quality profile leading to informed and effective decision making. 2) Compendia Affairs / Pharmacopoeia Monitoring Services All Pharma Grade Materials must comply with “current” compendial requirements, which introduces the need to monitor and implement updates published by various Regulatory Bodies around the world. In an increasingly globalized & competitive market, the same product needs to comply with multiple standards within a relatively short time. Team GVW empowers Pharmaceutical Product Development / Regulatory teams to stay ahead by tracking Compendial Changes before their official publication, studying gaps with regard to internal / supplier standards and initiating necessary Change Control Processes ensuring Compliance. Read More... 3) Change Management Any change identified through the above Services needs to be adequately tracked through a Change Management System ensuring that the agreed changes are implemented within required timelines. GVW facilitates these with Development Organizations - creating, tracking changes, and following up with related stakeholders so that Change Management occurs seamlessly. 4) Specifications & Document Management Any changes to Specifications arising from various regulatory, supplier or laboratory needs to be translated and made effective through Document Management Systems, reflecting in every Specification impacted by the Material changes. GVW works with Development / Regulatory Organizations ensuring identified changes reflect on every impacted specification and is made effective to meet the established Regulatory / Internal deadlines.

Scientific / Technical Writing
GVW offers customized Technical Writing Services to support Documentation needs for Organizations. Team GVW works closely with Regulatory / Documentation teams ensuring every deliverable aligns to standard templates by deploying strong methodologies and consistent application of set style rules, conveying Drug Product Information in a thorough manner. Read More... Our experiences GVW teams work in a collaboratively for various needs including Scientific and Technical Risk Assessments for varied documentation needs including:
  • Test Methods
  • Validation Reports
  • Batch Overview Reports
  • Material Qualification Reports
  • Justification of Specifications
  • Impurity Profiling Report/EIRA
  • Drug Excipient Compatibility Reports
  • Method and Tech Transfer Reports
  • Storage Statement Reports
  • Stability Protocols and Stability Reports

Laboratory Quality Management Services
Laboratory Quality Management has been GVW’s focus since inception. Through various services targeted at Laboratory Systems and Processes, GVW ensures a Quality Lab’s Process adheres to the Global Standards mandated by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Read More...

Laboratory Methods & Master Data Enabling Services
GVW has vast experience in handling various Laboratory Methods & Master Data for Global Sites and has played a significant role for over a decade across languages and locations working along with Business / IT Organizations ensuring maximum value on their Master Data Strategy.

Training Enabling Services
Learning & Development programs have gained paramount importance within organizations across industries with increased focus on efforts towards a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce. In addition to offering various Quality Management & Master Data Services, GVW also works along with Training / Human Resource Teams ensuring that the training needs are effectively managed and reflected daily for organizations.

Stability Program Support
Stability Testing assesses how the quality of a Drug Product varies with time under the influence of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, and light. They help determine the expiry date of drugs and help limit formation of undesirable degradation affecting product quality and safety. In an increasingly globalized business operation, Stability Studies can be performed at the same site or sites different from the release site. This requires studies and related documentations be executed timely and collaboratively. Delays or failures result in an improperly performed study with serious implications due to Data Integrity concerns. GVW aims to be your reliable Stability Lab Operations enabling partner. With over a decade old experience in Pharmaceutical Lab Services and extensive exposure to Stability Lab Operations and processes, GVW is committed to improve efficiencies within your Stability Laboratory. Reach us at sales@global-value-web.com to find how your Laboratory could benefit from an improved, consistent, speedy, quality process without compromising on Compliance.

Laboratory Reporting & Analytics
GVW’s service offerings to QA departments ensure that regular and repetitive tasks like Documentation and facilitating Report preparation (Quality Trend Reports, Annual Product Review, Product Quality Review, etc.) are handled by us, while your QA teams focus more on critical functions like establishing guidelines & procedures, process checks, Records review, Investigations, etc. GVW aims to empower Business Organizations through various Reporting & Analytical tools. We provide customized services around: 1. CAPA, Non-Conformance Reporting and Analytics 2. Material /Product Quality Performance Tracking & Prediction 3. Yield Estimates 4. Process Defects Analysis 5. Batch Quality monitoring in real time 6. Interoperability 7. Packaging lines - Serialization - Compliance Reach out to us through sales@global-value-web.com to find more on how your reporting and analytical needs are best fulfilled through QA Reporting Services from GVW.

Planning Enabling Services
Apart from various services offered to Quality Organizations, GVW also empowers your Planning Organization through End-End Planning Offerings including Planning Data Governance, Inventory Reporting, Planning Master Data. Reach out on sales@global-value-web.com to find more on how your reporting & analytics needs are best fulfilled through QA Reporting Services from GVW.

Value Chain Analytics
Every enterprise, regardless of its size, is engaged on computing Supply Chain Metrics and initiating projects towards improving performance. GVW, with its vastly experienced Supply Chain team is equipped to support these initiatives with proven service offerings that facilitate informed decision making and thereby significant operational savings for any Pharmaceutical Enterprise. Read More...

Scientific Talent Services
There are several challenges associated with recruiting apt scientific talent. In relation to the costs associated with recruiting, companies spend weeks or even months to find and onboard suitable scientific talent that implement new ideas and initiatives to ongoing projects or services with the right managerial competency - and bringing continuity and momentum to their efforts. Such delays can have a high impact on a department or organization. Global Value Web (GVW) understands the various constraints faced by its clients and in addition to its various Data Offering to Life-Science, also helps bridge the Resource Crunch by recruiting and onboarding global talent within desired timelines, thereby - offering ‘Science as a Service’. GVW aims to make recruitment and talent search for our current and potential clients a lot easier by working in collaboration with them. It currently offers ‘Science as a Service’ in many areas of Pharmaceutical Development globally, either through remote or on-site talent deployment. Our scientific Talent today enriches many areas of Pharmaceutical Development, including: a. Pharma Material Science b. Sample Warehouse/Logistics Management c. Dissolution Science d. Analytical R&D/ Scientific Integration

Technology Value Partners / Solutions

Global Value Web (GVW), as a Data Management and Analytics company, connects data through the Product Value Chain and the Patient Value Chain. As a Technology-agnostic company, our talented colleagues work the laboratory and process data based on our client's technology reality. ​

GVW then works with speed and efficiency, compliance, great quality at an enviable price/performance ratio gathering, cleansing, organizing, curating anssd analyzing the data involved.​

"Kill Your Darlings!"

If GVW has to better service its clients using automation and less manually repetitive interventions, it ensures that change with the times too. This involves re-thinking our service offerings in the near or distant future thereby continuing to add greater value to our clients.

We continue to build and foster an extensive data link by partnering with some of the leading and/or upcoming Technology companies as GVW Technology Value Partners. Together, we enable turnkey solutions within the healthcare and life sciences domains, where GVW works the data. ​

Here are our promising and established partners, who we believe will be leaders through their transformational products and software.

  • Aras Corp.

    Aras is a leading American Product Development Software company that will transform Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry.

  • XpertRule

    XpertRule is a growing UK-based AI company that can be brought to the value chain platform to make AI simple and accessible for all businesses.

  • NWA

    Northwest Analytics, Inc. or NWA is an American technology leader in manufacturing analytics, statistical process control and its software is recognized as a foundational part of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 success.

  • Agaram Technologies

    Agaram Technologies’ products and solutions have helped QC and R&D laboratories meet cGMP, data integrity, GxP, regulatory compliance and other industry standards.

  • Leap Analysis

    LeapAnalysis (LA) is the world’s first Virtualized Semantic Search and Analytics Engine that combines Semantic Technology with Machine Learning to access and analyze all your data seamlessly. Through LA, you can access your data from anywhere as if it were already in your data lake.

  • Revokind

    Revokind provides blockchain network solutions by developing artificially intelligent and autonomous communication system.

  • Anagha Consultants

    Anagha Consultants is a partner for expedited process / product development leveraging scientific principles, hypothesis driven approaches, mechanistic modeling and simulations while reducing trials, errors and costs.

  • Celonis

    Celonis is a leader in Execution Management Systems (EMS) that lifts barriers to execution capacity to maximize business performance.