Our people love your data

Our people love your data


From Raw Patient Data
To Reliable Evidence

The right information at the right time can save lives. Global Value Web believes patients can receive better treatment from healthcare providers that make decisions based on reliable, accessible data.

No Time to Waste

Healthcare providers and professionals need to make decisions in split seconds. Doctors and medical personnel work in a pressure-laden environment, but still want to be thorough and make solid assumptions about a patient’s condition. It can be a challenge for doctors to get the right data at the right time. The consequence is patient care.

Furthermore, a hospital is under constant pressure to perform efficiently. Planning human resources, beds, tools, and materials is a challenge for any resource manager or procurement officer.

Accessible Data for Improved Decision Making

Global Value Web is a healthcare data expert. We know how to standardize and analyze data to fit your personnel’s needs. Through analytical dashboards and automated analyses, we enable evidence-based healthcare for better patient outcomes.


Our Services for Hospitals

Patient Database Creation

  • Data Anonymization – It is important to protect patients’ privacy before sharing their data. Global Value Web scrambles the patient’s data, ensuring no tracing of personal information. GVW transforms data in hospital databases into a standard format to make data analysis reliable, consistent, and easy. We connect different healthcare systems from multiple geographical locations.
  • Becoming a valuable data source – Having readily available standardized data makes a hospital an attractive partner for researchers and organizations that aim to improve healthcare. This will enable collaborations and partnerships that will benefit the hospital and its patients.

Healthcare Dashboards

Our dashboards enable hospitals to track performance and patient satisfaction. Tracking Healthcare KPIs enables better decision-making.

Clinical Decision Support

Generating prediction models from the data gathered from multiple sources to improve disease outcomes and provide additional diagnostic support.

Outbreak Management

Prepare, identify, and manage the hospital’s healthcare and resource requirements during an outbreak.

Healthcare Services Development

Identify the new business opportunities and unmet needs amongst the population of interest.

Predictive Data Will Improve Health Outcomes

Running your hospital more efficiently now will open up new pathways in the future. As the number of gathered data increases, it will be possible to use prediction models. These models will use current and historical data to predict a diagnostic or prognostic outcome and alert healthcare providers when a patient might be at risk.

Would you like to know more about our services for hospitals?

Feel free to contact Lakshmi if you gave any questions. She will be happy to provide you with more information.

Lakshmi Kubendran

Network of Excellence Leader – RWD & RWE

Lakshmi is a Pharma professional, certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, and has over 14-years of work experience in various streams of the pharmaceutical industry; including, but not limited to Sales and Marketing, Patents, and Literature Management and in Drug Product Development. She’s been with GVW for over 8.5-years and currently leads a Drug Product Development Team.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

GVW is an expert in the field of reliable and accessible data. We connect the dots along value chains for life sciences research & development centres, medical research centres and production facilities. Our experts work with your professionals and provide valuable insights. Their goal: to boost your performance, optimize your data and help you focus on what’s important: providing better treatments for patients across the globe.

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