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Analyzing Your Value Chain

Value chain management can be a tedious task. It is hard to get a clear view of how products reach patients. And how all enabling projects and processes affect each other. Global Value Web sprinkled services across the Life Sciences Value Chain (patient to patient) offers this clarity through combining the experts across to value chain, in order to arrive at streamlined data related to products moving to patients.

Insight Across the Board


We visualize and analyze your value chain to gain insights across the board and aim to provide analytics on every level: product quality, planning, price/performance, and reporting.

With all the relevant data at hand, making decisions becomes so much easier. Your organization will be able to pick up on trends quickly and adapt the value chain accordingly.

Pharma & Life Sciences

GVW is an expert in data across the LifeSciences Value Chain. We provide your employees with the data that they need to focus on their core activities: diligent research and the development of great products.

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Health Care

Combining and analyzing patient data can be a time-consuming task. We standardize patient data, generate reliable evidence, and offer you easy access. We feel that this is the first step towards personalized care.


With increasing pressure to innovate, design, build, and operate complex products, the energy sector is trying to streamline processes in the value chain. GVW enables improving your productivity, efficiency, and net-zero emission transformation through “System” Life Cycle Management.

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