ISPE is the key forum for pharmaceutical discussions. Its core members are pharmaceutical professionals who use expert knowledge to create high-quality, cost-effective GMP solutions. GVW has been invited by Industry veterans to join ISPE and add value contributions to this group of professionals.

GVW sponsors its key professionals to enrol as a member to try to contribute ideas to ISPE’s technical and operation solutions to support the members across the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of quality medicines. GVW’s prime interest would be to enable the data in the labs ensuring product data integrity. GVW will continue to focus on learn and in parallel grow along with ISPE by developing global information highway that underpins the collaboration within the industry.

GVW’s membership to ISPE provides access to the latest industry discussions, happenings, regulator observations and to overcome such situations in best possible ways. All happenings documented in electronic or hard printed copies of newsletters.