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Lab Enabling Services

From Disparate Product Data
To Data as a Common Ground for Enterprise Unification

Our Lab Enabling Service can supercharge pharmaceutical labs. Through data organization, standardization, curation, and analysis, we make sure that you can leverage your Lab’s Master Data quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we facilitate effective data life cycle management, resulting in faster processes and valuable insights that contribute to better health outcomes.

Data: the cornerstone of any lab

Any pharmaceutical lab relies on data to operate smoothly. Detailed research on analytical data and stability data makes for quality products, while process data can provide valuable insights into efficiency, planning, and customer behavior. However, data experts are hard to find, and not every pharma lab has the time or resources to make the most of the data, internally and externally.

Connecting the Dots Across the Value Chain

Apart from our extensive knowledge of data, we add value to our clients with a bird’s-eye view. Our experts employ data in every phase of the drug life cycle: research, development, and operations. We’ve found through our experience that most labs have divided their organization into separate functions, divisions, and/or branches. At GVW, we pride ourselves in connecting these divisions through data and shared insights, creating a common ground for communication and improvements.

Our Lab Enabling Services

Our job is to handle the data in the broadest sense. Our Lab Enabling Service is a customizable service that we adjust to your needs and desires. Some examples of what our lab enabling service can include:

Master data Management

Making sure that your data is ready for further analysis through:

  • Data Standardization and Harmonization
  • Data Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Data Configuration
  • Data Maintenance

Compliance checks and compliance software integration

We protect the integrity of your data and prevent nonconformities through:

  • Electronic Data Processes including LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, CDS
  • Automated Lab Methods
  • Streamlined Quality Reporting(e.g., APR/PQR reports, CPV reports)
  • SOP management and standardization
  • Training Administration and Management

Stability Data Management

Using data to create, approve and complete studies. We link the studies to available data and make sure that your personnel receives timely reports. Stability testing data can also include streamlining the testing capacity and test planning.

  • Stability Master Data Management
  • Spec and Protocol Creation
  • Stability Study Management
  • Sample Tracking and Storage
  • Events Management
  • Stability Reporting and Quality Reporting

Sample Logistic

Curate and analyze all logistics data from manufacturing to delivery to the customer

Don’t Forget the People

We provide your people with easy ways to access and process data. This will allow them to focus on their core tasks instead of sifting through numbers. Our experts will work on-site or online to provide your professionals with the training and support they require to use data more efficiently.

We also like to learn from you and collaborate in facing the challenges of tomorrow. Our data experts collect and combine insights from a variety of sources and are happy to share them for mutual benefit.

Are you interested in our Lab Enabling Services?

We would love to be a part of your data journey. Would you like to know more? Abarna is happy to answer any question you might have.

Abarna Santhanakrishnan

Network of Excellence Leader – Lab Enabling Services

Abarna is a Lab Master Data Management Champion and has had hands-on experience in an R&D Laboratory handling Pilot-Scale Upstream and Downstream processing of Biotechnological product. She is also professionally certified by the Institute of GMP, India. Abarna has 10+ years’ experience in handling end to end QC Laboratory Data

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Abarna Santhanakrishnan

Network of Excellence Leader – Lab Enabling Services

Mail : sales@global-value-web.com |

Global Value Web is a network of data experts and technology partners that allow organizations to make the most out of their data. We offer valuable insights across the value chain that will lead to more efficient production processes and reliable quality products. We focus on a better execution today, while keeping in mind the challenges for tomorrow. With our shared knowledge and expertise, we prepare your data flow for a bright and profitable future.

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