Laboratory Quality Management Services - Where Quality meets excellence

With increased Globalization of Pharmaceutical operations, Laboratory Quality management is challenged with ever expanding compliance needs and to bring in process efficiencies accommodating (increased) product coverage and adherence to standard protocols.

Regulatory agencies such as FDA, EMA have rigorous regulations are uncovering 100’s of issues in Quality processes owing to inadequate practices on Data integrity and Compliance. Commercial implications of delayed Quality processes add to Quality Labs concerns.

To effectively manage challenges, Quality laboratories are rapidly embracing quality management applications and Systems such as LIMS, ELN/LES, CDS, SDMS, LCP, whose deployment cycle stretches over many years and needs continuous maintenance effort to ensure their Master data reflects latest changes. Often companies are finding themselves during / after implementation of Lab Quality systems in a situation, faced with diminution in projected ROI, budget over-runs, Poor adaption, Limited Data availability and Lab resources unable to adapt to System.

GVW with its immense expertise, offers a proven and process driven end-to-end customized support services to your Informatics deployment. GVW addresses both the ends of deployment - Working for the right data and automate it for laboratory work flow alongside saving the efforts of the lab analysts for their testing.