Master Data Management is always a challenging task and when a new system(s) rollout happens across the globe, master data migration to the new system environment becomes complex and more demanding.

Global Value Web (GVW) was entrusted with the task of spearheading the master data migration rollout of the Laboratory Information Management Systems platform to support all of the global sites for a major Pharmaceutical company. Spread over four years till date, GVW has played a significant role in data migration leading to the successful deployment of the new LIMS platform in eight of its global sites.

Challenges Encoutered

  • Demand for consistent quality where accuracy is critical due to drug specifications where incorrect values may adversely impact lives of patients
  • Finding lab analysts with the necessary domain expertise to understand and work with Pharmaceutical data was difficult
  • Had to deal with multi-lingual content of specifications such as German, Italian and Spanish apart from English
  • Critical turn-around times due to aggressive global rollout schedules
  • Collaboration for the project required co-ordination with multiple site personnel across different functional areas for seamless execution

Value Delivered

  • Output quality was achieved successfully and measurable
  • Scope of project enhanced from the initial part requirement, to cover all elements of a typical LIMS master data migration
  • Well qualified and experienced team of having gained valuable experience has made the team an integral part of maintenance as well
  • Data migration from eight global sites were moved to the new LIMS platform ahead of schedule
  • Cost arbitrage – client was able to save over 60% over internal deployment costs due to seamless process execution with external content partner