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Material Sciences (SaaS)

Material science in the pharmaceutical industry is not just a matter of finding the right materials and suppliers. It is also a matter of living up to increasing standards by regulatory bodies. Having material data readily available will aid this process.

Making sense of the materials

Material Science is a vital cog in drug development, dealing with a fundamental understanding of physicochemical properties of all constituents and their behavior in diverse environments. Most drug products consist of multiple materials with unique properties which change depending on the environment. Creating stable drug products requires knowledge of all these properties. Naturally, this knowledge is available in the pharma industry. But we find that getting to the knowledge takes up valuable time. Fortunately, Global Value Web can streamline this process.

Our Material Science Data Management Services

GVW’s Material Science as a service is a value chain enabler that caters to both Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls (CMC) and product life cycle management (LCM) that encompasses (but not limited to) the following functional aspects:

Material Database Creation

We create material databases per function, specific to your product development needs.

Technology Landscaping

Exploring available technologies in literature (academic publications, patents, monographs, white papers, databases, etc.) and coming up with a client-centric work product that enables end-user to make informed decisions

Material grade evaluations

Providing a detailed study on the structure-property relationship between drug molecules and excipients as well as from a regulatory standpoint that helps clients in excipient selection and qualification

Technical Management of Materials

In the increasingly complex world of the pharmaceutical supply chains, MSaaS at GVW has the right technical expertise to manage sourcing, evaluation, qualification, and management of materials as per the demands of the entire drug product life cycle. We ensure quality through rigorous scientific evaluation along with proactive risk mitigation in purchasing decisions via market intelligence, channeling procurements from multiple sources, and timely effective communications.

Technical Writing for Analytical Support

Currently, we provide data-driven Extractable and Leachable risk assessment reports for all the materials used during manufacturing with an in-depth risk analysis of the compounds or elements identified. Based on the extractable data, container selection of the finished product is suggested.

Advanced Characterization strategies

Designing material-specific advanced characterization protocols and driving new material qualification

Quality by Design and Six Sigma Approaches

Extending GVW’s quality services further to the advanced technologies in material science through Quality by Design (QbD) and Six Sigma approaches – Design of experiments (DOE) for formulation, process optimization and advanced characterization throughout the product development lifecycle

Creation and management of materials per functionality database

Benefit from Insights from Around the World

Global Value Web is an international organization with branches in various countries. Our experts combine knowledge from around the globe and collaborate with clients to make those insights work for them. We supercharge development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of GVW Value Partners.

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Feel free to ask us any questions you might have. Srinidhi is happy to tell you more about our Material Science as a Service.

Dr. Srinidhi Ramachandra

Network of Excellence Leader – Science as a Service

Dr. Srinidhi is a Chemist and a Material Scientist by training with a master's degree in Chemistry from Bangalore University in India and a Doctoral degree in the field of Nanomaterials from the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He has joined GVW to be a part of the exciting new journey at that is Material Science as a Service providing solutions to our multinational pharmaceutical clients.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

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