Global Value web is a member of several international communities that enable knowledge sharing and collaboration in Trade, Pharma and Health Sciences.

Life Science

DBNAlliance – exchange network

The Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance) is a new open exchange network for a secure and efficient exchange of B2B documents in the United States. In the United States, the exchange of B2B document is still incredibly costly and inefficient. This is because the U.S. faces a distinctive challenge— the absence of a central governing body to mandate a nationwide framework. That’s why the Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance) established an electronic delivery exchange network for all commercial enterprises in North America. This new exchange network, backed by various industry bodies, allows businesses to connect once, and share electronic documents with one another, regardless of the platform, system, application or network used for processing documents. Participants can easily find their business partners on the exchange network, facilitating seamless connectivity.

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Pistonia Alliance – Where Life Science Collaborates

The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit members’ organization conceived in 2007 and incorporated in 2009 by representatives of AstraZeneca, GSK, Novartis and Pfizer. The Pistoia Alliance’s projects help to overcome common obstacles to innovation and to transform R&D – whether identifying the root causes of inefficiencies, working with regulators to adopt new standards, or helping researchers implement AI effectively. There are currently more than 100 member companies – ranging from global organisations, to medium enterprises, to start-ups, to individuals – collaborating as equals on projects that generate value for the worldwide life sciences community.

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International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering – Connecting Pharmaceutical Knowledge

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering is the world’s largest not-for-profit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technicaland regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. ISPE is committed to the advancement of the educational and technical efficiency of its members through forums for the exchange of ideas and practical experience.

ISPE was founded in 1980 by a handful of people who believed the pharmaceutical industry needed an organization that would deal with practical applications of science and technology for technical professionals. The much-needed forum provided by ISPE began with a Membership of engineers in North America. In time, ISPE Membership expanded beyond engineering to include a broad representation from pharmaceutical professionals.

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Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises

ABLE is a not-for-profit pan-India forum that represents the Indian Biotechnology Sector. It was launched in April 2003, after industry leaders felt a need to form an exclusive forum to represent the Indian Biotechnology Sector.

ABLE has over 400 members from all across India representing all verticals of the sector like Agribiotech, Bio-pharma, Industrial biotech, Bioinformatics, Investment banks and Venture Capital firms, leading Research and Academic Institutes and Law Firms and Equipment Suppliers.

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Petroleum Industry Data eXchange – e-Business Standards Body for the Oil & Gas industry

PIDX International aims to bring the entire global petroleum industry together to develop, advance, and optimize global electronic commerce standards. We are the forum industry experts use to educate and optimize operations for the electronic marketplace.

Supporting all oil and gas segments – upstream, midstream, and downstream – PIDX has become a strategic asset for ERP solutions and global data exchange. Our members include operators (oil companies), suppliers (service companies), and technology providers who have a material interest in the development of oil and natural gas electronic business standards.

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The Energy Reinvented Community

With 1,200+ members the Energy Reinvented Community is designed to connect a wide range of stakeholders related to the energy industry. Its aim is to provide a platform for discussions, foster partnerships, spark ideas, generate innovation and enable cross sector and cross border activities, all related to society’s transition towards an accepted, reliable, clean and affordable energy system.

In an open community our diverse international group of members (representing both the energy industry and adjacent industries) share ideas and opportunities to cross the bridges between the – now sometimes siloed – pillars of the energy system and driving connectedness with society at large.

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Industry Bodies

Open Network for Commerce Exchange – Collaborate. Accelerate…. Grow

The Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE) is the only organization that provides marketplace operators, their suppliers and customers, service providers and others dedicated to B2B e-Commerce, a collaborative forum to advance global trade.

Since its birth in 2000, ONCE has focused on helping its Members identify common issues and creating standard solutions that enable the acceleration and growth of online trade and has successfully dealt with such critical business and technical issues as: marketplace interoperability, security, business services, content management, best practices and supplier enablement. Today, ONCE is an “on demand” organization dealing with common issues of its Members as they arise and when the Members need a common forum to solve those issues.

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Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade

For years the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT) has been active in promoting business relations between the Netherlands and India. We believe that the economies of the two countries are mutually complementary in many ways and that there is a significant scope for expansion of trade and business relations between these two countries

The NICCT came into being in 2003 as a result of the merger between the India Trade Council and the Indo Dutch Chamber of Commerce, both of which had functioned in the Netherlands for many years and had similar objectives & activities. Membership of the NICCT is growing steady. Currently more than 100 Dutch and Indian companies including major banks, insurance companies, IT related companies and multinationals are members of the NICCT.

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Indo-German Chamber of Commerce – our Local Connection to Global Success

Incorporated in 1956, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce or AHK Indien is the primary contact for Indian and German companies who want to start doing business with the other country. We are a membership-based organization that offers advice and services to members, collaborates on Indo-German cooperation initiatives and functions as the voice of the Indo-German business community at a political and institutional level, internationally and within both countries.

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