Energy efficiency will be a key driver for managing global energy resources in a sustainable way.

It has been predicted, by leading professionals in the Energy industry, that the world would need to triple its Energy resources production in twenty to thirty years if the world would continue to waste energy (and utilities) in the way it does today. Advanced solutions are required to address this challenge. GVW-Energy (Energy & Utilities Performance Management) promotes the use of Process Energy Advisor™ to manage energy & utilities usage at energy intensive facilities across the globe. Facilities that would heavily benefit from implementing the Process Energy Advisor™ are refineries, petro-chemical-facilities, chemical facilities as well as the utilities industry.

In a nutshell, Process Energy Advisor™ manages energy and utility consumption at energy & utility intensive facilities. It's purpose is to save anywhere from 5 to 15% (or more) from the current consumption, and to provide the tools and mechanisms to manage the consumption on a day to day / hour by hour / minute by minute basis. One could refer to it as lean management of energy & utilities.

This area of energy & utilities management is a new emerging field, often referred to as "Advanced Control & Optimization". The Process Energy Advisor™ is one of the early solutions in this field, and one of the few (if not only one) that has a full comprehensive approach to the energy & utilities challenge.

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