Our Story


Global Value Web is an expert in the field of reliable and accessible data, connecting the dots and improving our client’s value chains. We help innovative medical research centers, life sciences research & development centers, and production facilities around the world to move forward and work more efficiently and more reliably in a changing environment.

Our goal: to boost your performance, optimize your data and enable you to serve your customers better than ever before!

Enabling the Transition

GVW enables better science and smooth business operations: that’s where we excel and what we train our people for. Our managed services and solutions transcend existing systems and working methods, with client satisfaction on every level as the ultimate indicator. Together we realize cross-fertilization from different functions to enrich organizations with their data, and “close loop” their processes. We help your organization deal with the operational challenges of today and enable you to provide the answers to the questions of tomorrow.

Are you ready for the transition? Reach out and put us to the test. We embrace the challenge!

Embrace Data – Don’t Forget the People

GVW loves data and specializes in gathering, organizing, curating, and analyzing data. We use this data to gain new insights. You will get to know your customers better than ever before, enabling you to make your value chain more efficient, reliable, and resilient.

Furthermore, we provide your people with easy ways to access and process data. This will allow them to focus on their core tasks instead of sifting through numbers.

Your Data: Combined and Cleaned

We can find useful data in many places in many forms. Global Value Web knows how to gather data, how merge it, curate it and analyze it for seamless processing.

Your Data: Organized and Analyzed

Having a big bulk of clean data is great. But it’s useless unless it’s organized. GVW curates your data through remote and on-site managed services. When we are done, your data will be organized and analyzed, and ready for action. Global Value Web makes sure that your people can access data quickly, in a way that suits them.

Data Needs People to Become Valuable

Data relies on the interpretations and expertise of yours and our personnel to become valuable to your organization. Are you afraid your personnel might tire of talking to their computers? We’ve got you covered. Our clients can rely on our human support to offer new insights and unveil the mysteries the data holds.

Mission: Enabling the Transition

Allowing GVW Clients to become truly responsive to their customer needs. By enabling the transition for Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Energy organizations and industries, towards ongoing digital maturity across their respective connected value chain/networks. By providing solutions that bring the best in People, Data, Process & Technology. Where People work data-centric and adjust Processes and Technologies to achieve the maximum outcome for customers, whilst respecting the value of all stakeholders.


Our vision is a connected and globally expanded value chain or network that focuses entirely on the human in need of health and/or energy.

We enable our clients to serve their customers better through connected data.


  • We embrace the value chain discipline, and the web in our branding reflects this commitment;
  • We strive for Quality, Speed & Efficiency, at the best price to performance ratio possible;
  • We are agile, resilient, and empowered to provide value for our client’s customers
  • Compliance and data integrity is key. We follow the rules and improve on them.
  • We believe in open standards and transparent collaborations. Sharing is the way to get better.

How We Are Organized

Global Value Web is a strong team of 150+ professionals who deliver data-related services. We work with 13 global partners that provide our clients with industry-leading innovative technologies.

GVW has offices in India, The United States, Switzerland, Italy, and The Netherlands. Most of our clients are based in the US, India, and the Netherlands. We also have clients in other parts of Europe, such as Italy, Switzerland, France, and Israel.

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