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Pharma Life Cycle Management

From data management on a small scale
To product life cycle data control

Making improvements in the drug product life cycle starts with getting organized. Global Value Web can aid you in this process. We specialize in digitizing pharma procedures, enabling enterprises to act swiftly and adequately when changes occur.

How changes impact Product Life Cycle

The pharma life cycle is a complex structure of interconnected processes. A seemingly small change at the beginning of the cycle can have dire consequences further along the line. In the turbulent pharmaceutical industry environment, it is important to know the effects of unexpected changes such as new regulatory deadlines, supplier changes, or delays in the production line. Global Value Web helps you make sure these changes are handled well through the entire life cycle. We also focus on the effect of deliberate changes, resulting from pharmacovigilance findings or research on drug bioavailability.


Pharma Life Cycle Management Services

Life Cycle Management Enabling Services

We analyze changes arising from various regulatory, supplier, or laboratory needs and capture the effects on every impacted quality document.

Impact Assessments / Gap Assessments

We enable organizations to build a stronger Product & Quality profile with comprehensive assessments (for suppliers, laboratories, regulatory guidelines, and compliance)

Technical Writing / Scientific Services

GVW provides excellent content control and enhanced user experiences through scientific expertise. We ensure that every deliverable aligns to standard templates by deploying strong methodologies and consistent application of set style rules, thoroughly conveying Drug Product Information.

We also take care of scientific and technical risk assessments for varied documentation needs, including specifications, test methods, safety evaluation reports, qualifications, and other scientific documents.

Compendia / Pharmacopeia monitoring services

GVW ensures 100% regulatory compliance through timely pharmacopeia assessment, from monitoring to submissions. We currently work with Pharmacopeial standards that include the US, European, Indian, Russian, Japanese, British, and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Change Management Services

End-to-end change control management by creating parent records, tracking changes, and following up with related stakeholders.

Supplier Engagement / Management Services

  • Supplier Change Notification Management
  • Supplier Compliance Statements
  • Supplier Alignment Risk Assessment (SARA)
  • Patient Safety and Compliance Information (PSCI)

Sharing data across organizations

You can leave the data-wrangling to Global Value Web. Our experienced professionals organize data from multiple sources and ensure sharing the right data with the right people at the right time.

We pride ourselves on our bird’s-eye view, connecting the dots throughout the value chain. Data connects all functions and locations in your organization. As we handle your data, process information will become available, enabling you to make changes and work more efficiently.

Learn more about Pharma Life Cycle Management

We are happy to answer your questions and share our insights. Contact Lakshmi for more information on our Pharma Life Cycle Management services.

Lakshmi Kubendran

Network of Excellence Leader – Development

Lakshmi is a Pharma professional, certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, and has over 14-years of work experience in various streams of the pharmaceutical industry; including, but not limited to Sales and Marketing, Patents, and Literature Management and in Drug Product Development. She’s been with GVW for over 8.5-years and currently leads a Drug Product Development Team.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

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