The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) is the e-Business Standards Body for the Energy industry which provides a global forum for delivering process, information and technology standards that facilitate seamless, efficient electronic business within the global energy industry and its trading community.

This forum provides valuable opportunities to network with peers and potential clients, increase the visibility of products and services, and improve relationships with trading partners. In the neutral territory of PIDX, they allow freel exchange eCommerce ideas and information with trading partners and service providers, always adhering to their anti-trust guidelines.

As a member of PIDX, GVW has an opportunity to be a voice and contribute to the development of electronic business standards through participation, contribute to the Energy sector’s eBusiness practices, encourage our partners/customers to adopt and incorporate these standards as business required.

Companies like Lightridge Resources OFS-Portal, Fabricom GDF Suez etc. are valuable customers of Global Value Web in this forum.