In today’s scenario, change is inevitable and continuous. This being the case, many manufacturers are now constantly facing challenges in the areas of planning, design, development of new products, product documentation, implementation of processes, manufacture, adhering to regulatory requirements etc.

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) manages the complete lifecycle of a product from the beginning to the end, bringing together information, people, processes and systems and providing a solid foundation for companies.

PLM software directly impacts the three primary areas of industry – i.e. time, cost and quality. Our collective experience in quality, procurement, project management, business intelligence etc. gives us the added advantage to develop high-value solutions for our customers and offer a simple and easy to understand option for PLM implementation. This is not a single software product but a combination of tools and methodologies customized for one stage of the lifecycle, to link various functions or take care of the entire process.

Global Value Web provides smart solutions for product life cycle management and global value chains, enabling collaboration throughout the extended enterprise in

  • Increase sales revenues
  • Lower product costs (per unit)
  • Cut down on administration overheads

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Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Solutions

EPC-PLM is an emerging concept, i.e. universally compatible with industries of all scales. In today’s market, product complexity is increasing and time to meet the deadline is a challenge. In such cases, EPC solution makes the life easy by having a full control on consistent quality output & meeting the challenging deadlines including sub-contractor’s work.

EPC-PLM Capabilities:
  • Program Management
  • Quality Management
  • PDM Integration
  • CAD Integration
  • Configuration Management
  • System Engineering
  • ERP Integration
  • Document Management
  • Visual Collaboration
  • Office Integration
Product Data Management (PDM) Capabilities:
  • 3D PDF Converter
  • Document Management
  • Digital Mockup
  • Visual Collaboration
  • Vaults
  • Self-Service Reporting.
EPC PLM Capabilities Objectives:
  • Enable ISO9001 and API (American Petroleum Industry).
  • Help Organizations meet Quality Standards.
  • Standardize and Processes
  • Capture Customer requirements.
  • Implement appropriate process for Configuration Management.
  • Create Project plans with task lists and timelines.
  • Define Cross Functional team.
  • Access to Project Management Consultant (PMC) for approval of the designs/drawings.
  • Auditable trail of QA for every designs/drawings.
  • Manage Value Chain / Procurement.
  • Procurement dashboard.
  • Procurement Lifecycle Management
  • Vendors and vendor-data management.
  • Help Organizations manage Change.
  • Easy access of the approved files for constructions.
  • Real Time project status available to all stakeholders
EPC PLM Benefits:
  • Maintaining/managing all projects in a Central Repository
  • Standardize and streamline the process
  • Continuous Process improvisation
  • Provide a real time status of Program and Quality metrics.
  • Integrate all EPC processes
  • Ensure Quality Management system
  • Compliance to ISO9001 Standards & Key characteristics is
  • Procurement Management
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Facilitate collaboration among stake holders
  • Facilitate Project and Process audit.