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Product Lifecycle Management

From getting lost in different management systems To one insightful PLM hub

Collaboration across the enterprise and communication between the different management systems & native applications are the biggest challenges in managing the product’s lifecycle. Global Value Web helps you connect your enterprise and prepare for inevitable change.

PLM: more complexity, more change

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is managing the lifecycle of a product from conception, design, manufacturing, service, and end of life, making it easier to manage and control these processes.

As products are becoming more complicated, technologically advanced, and unprecedented and inevitable change challenges product developers, PLM also becomes increasingly complex. This being the case, many manufacturers are now constantly facing challenges in the areas of planning, design, development of new products, product documentation, implementation of processes, manufacturing, adhering to regulatory requirements, etc.

Getting help from PLM software

PLM software integrates data, processes, business systems, and people. It is used to structure and organize all the PLM data gathered in your organization. It enables collaboration across the enterprise and communication between the different management systems & native applications, like shared drives, supplier databases, doc vaults, EDA software, or digitized documents.

Data from all these sources can be used in all stages of your product’s development: from the early concept phase to the post-launch phase in which you gather customer feedback.

Advantages of PLM software

Collaboration throughout the product’s life cycle can provide valuable insights. Combined data can increase productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, PLM software will enable you to:

  • Minimize errors
  • Design more efficiently
  • Improve product quality
  • Lower new product introduction costs
  • Be aware of critical processes or bottlenecks in your enterprise
  • Report and analyze more quickly
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Improve review and approval processes
  • Communicate better among global teams
  • Flexibly meet today’s needs and adapt easily as your business transforms

Implementation by subject matter experts

Global Value Web employs data experts in the life sciences to implement and set up PLM software in your organization. We either use existing software or introduce new software that runs alongside your existing applications.

We work in a collaborative matter with your people, to gather, organize, curate, and analyze data from different places. Data management is an important part of our work, as well as setting up your software to aid in quality management and document management.

GVW Product Life Cycle Management Platform

GVW is an Authorized partner of Aras® and reseller of Aras PLM Platform, a Product Life Cycle Management tool that is easy to implement. For too long, legacy PLM systems have been difficult to set up and costly to upgrade. Manufacturers need a Product Innovation Platform that is:

  • Open
  • Flexible
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • Easy to upgrade, even if your system is heavily customized, allowing you to benefit from enhancements in new releases

The Aras PLM Platform has included upgrades and no upfront software licensing fees, enabling Aras to have the lowest total cost of ownership. Global Value Web has in-depth experience in implementing Aras Innovator® for customers from different industries, including Medical Devices, Engineering, and Data.

Sharing insights across the enterprise

We pride ourselves on our bird’s-eye view, connecting the dots throughout the value chain. Data connects all functions and locations in your organization. As we handle your data, process information will become available, enabling you to make changes and work more efficiently.

Learn more about Product Life Cycle Management

We are happy to answer your questions and share our insights. Contact Harshavardhan for more information on Product Life Cycle Management solution.

Harshavardhan Reddy

Solutions Architect - PLM

Harsha has 9+ years of experience in implementing digital technologies & product lifecycle management (PLM) for businesses. Experienced in developing functional specifications, business process mapping, development, delivering training, implementing ITIL & Agile Methodologies in the project execution. In his current role, he is responsible for solution design, prototyping, controlling development, and interacting with cross-functional teams for successful PLM implementation.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Abarna Santhanakrishnan

Network of Excellence Leader – Lab Enabling Services

Mail : sales@global-value-web.com |

Global Value Web believes that data is the way to unify divisions and processes in organizations. We ensure continuity of business through compliance and data integrity across the value chain. People come first. Our subject matter experts help your professionals to run operations more efficiently with lower cost and lower margins of error. Furthermore, we supercharge development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of the GVW Value Partners.

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