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Scientific Integration Service (SaaS)

From improving separate processes
To an integrated strategic approach

A connected lab environment improves lab efficiency and speeds up processes. Global Value Web deploys strategic scientific experts to aid you in establishing seamless connections between projects, teams, and functions so that you can improve your lab’s overall performance.

One Point of Contact for Scientific Development

Streamlining your lab processes requires a strategy and an overview of analytical developments and their effects on stakeholders. Global Value Web provides you with strategic scientific experts who oversee project improvements across the board to help you manage your business more efficiently.

What We Do for Drug Product Manufacturers

Global Value Web contributes to improving scientific processes across your organization. We offer a custom service that suits your needs, including:

  • Providing a Single-Point-of-contact (SPoC) for Analytical Development (AD) & Analytical Experts in commercial product teams.
  • Aligning Analytical Technical Content across each section of the commercial dossiers.
  • Serving as an Analytical Strategist and Coordinator in crisis management situations.
  • Overseeing and managing Project Strategy for Analytical Development
  • Translating Project Strategy needs into Analytical Development functional tasks, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Leading Analytical Commercial Product Teams.
  • Assuring appropriate analytical understanding and scientific rigor for assigned commercial projects.
  • We address ensuring commercial product challenges.
  • Setting Specifications and managing Justification.
  • Developing and Maintaining a Quality Product based on guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Supporting Health Authority Inspections and customer audits as necessary.

How We Work

Global Value Web’s scientific experts will enable your lab personnel to streamline their work. We work collaboratively, on-site or remote, to provide you with a custom analytical solution for your lab.

We like to think outside of the box and share our insights on processes across the value chain. With a data-driven approach, our subject matter experts will be happy to share recent developments or potential opportunities for your enterprise.

Would You Like to Know more about our Scientific Integration Service?

Feel free to ask Srinidhi any questions you might have. He will be happy to share our thoughts on the digital lab and our vision for the future.

Dr. Srinidhi Ramachandra

Network of Excellence Leader – Science as a Service

Dr. Srinidhi is a Chemist and a Material Scientist by training with a master's degree in Chemistry from Bangalore University in India and a Doctoral degree in the field of Nanomaterials from the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He has joined GVW to be a part of the exciting new journey at that is Material Science as a Service providing solutions to our multinational pharmaceutical clients.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Are you looking for someone to make sense of the data in you organization? Global Value Web has the expertise to make the most out of your data. Our subject matter experts combine insights from across the globe to make your processes more efficient and reduce costs across the value chain. Our experts work in a collaborative matter with your personnel, training them in the daily use of data and challenging them to prepare for a future in which data can supercharge your organizations development.

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