Global Value Web (GVW), as a Data Management and Analytics company, connects data through the Product Value Chain and the Patient Value Chain. As a Technology-agnostic company, our talented colleagues work the laboratory and process data based on our client's technology reality. ​

GVW then works with speed and efficiency, compliance, great quality at an enviable price/performance ratio gathering, cleansing, organizing, curating and analyzing the data involved.​

"Kill Your Darlings!"
If GVW has to better service its clients using automation and less manually repetitive interventions, it ensures that change with the times too. This involves re-thinking our service offerings in the near or distant future thereby continuing to add greater value to our clients.

We continue to build and foster an extensive data link by partnering with some of the leading and/or upcoming Technology companies as GVW Technology Value Partners. Together, we enable turnkey solutions within the healthcare and life sciences domains, where GVW works the data. ​

Here are our promising and established partners, who we believe will be leaders through their transformational products and software.

Product Lifecycle Management

Sourcing & Procurement

Supplier Risk & Quality Management

Spend Analysis