Supply Chain Analytics Services – Partnering to optimize your Value chain

Pharma industry significantly lags in Supply Chain Performance Metrics when pitted against other industries owing to dynamic & diverse supply chain with increased Externalized operations, Excessive inventory, over capacity and continuously evolving regulatory scenario requirements.

Lately Pharma enterprises are finding efforts towards Metrics optimization, fetches huge rewards by making it more flexible, bolstering operational performance and financial competitiveness. McKinsey estimates savings potential of 4-8% of sales revenues stuck in their inventory and a Large Pharma enterprise has estimated every single day reduction in their Cycle time variation have a value potential up to few millions $.

Every enterprise, regardless of its size, is engaged on computing Supply Chain Metrics and initiating projects towards improving their performance levels. GVW, with its vast experienced resources in Supply Chain, is equipped to support these initiatives with proven service offerings.

  • Monthly Metrics Preparation & Reporting
  • SAP Data extraction and Analysis
  • Cycle Time variation analysis & Reporting
  • Inventory Analysis & Reporting
  • Supply Chain cost optimization initiatives
  • Reports Visualization
  • Identification and support for Quality initiatives to bring down Supply chain costs
  • Diagnostic and Predictive Data Analytics