Value Chain Planning & Reliability

The essence behind global value chains lies in the ability to define the role of quality within it’s value chain model.  Like plan, buy, make, quality & sell, quality is not a sequential step but a standard in the value chain process which touches all other operational business functions (and possibly enabling business functions).

GVW does global sourcing (LCCS) and procurement and as a sourcing agent for India, we are able to help customers identify hidden values. We can leverage advanced collaborative cloud solutions in Supplier Risk & Qualification and Sourcing & Procurement (incl. of Open Supplier Networds) through our strategic partnerships.

Furthermore, being a reseller of the ARAS Innovator, we have in-depth value chain experience. We have worked with big pharma, chemical, oil & gas on global (integrated) value chain improvement projects and are able to help smaller companies connect to these bigger global value chains. We also offer advanced value chain solutions such as PLM, VMI and demand/supply balancing and optimization solutions and services.

Value Chain Quality

Every Value Chain activity is dependent on high quality clean Master Data which impacts the visibility, agility, planning and execution of the value chain process. At GVW, we believe that managing clean Master Data is important to establish a responsive value chain and Value Chain excellence.

Companies that we provide most value to, are the ones that need pragmatic data improvement projects across the value chain – from plan, buy, make, quality & sell. We do catalogues, vendor masters, customer masters, product masters, material masters, bill of material, content management, document management, asset trees, PLM, CRM, SKU analysis, trend analysis, contracts, spend data. On top of that, we do trend analysis, model selection (and creation) for preparing optimal use of your advanced optimization tools, based on transactional data.

We have experience in handling big data (millions of process events), as well as niche data (e.g. quality laboratory master data). The GVW office in Chennai was engaged by a Fortune50 Global pharmaceutical for help with the migration of Master Data from an existing LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) platform to all its Labs across 12 global locations.

The Pharma giant engaged GVW as an external partner who could migrate its drug and chemicals Master Data from the existing Legacy systems to the new LIMS platform.

Spread over four years, GVW has played an instrumental role in Master Data Migration leading to the successful deployment of a new LIMS platform in eight of its global sites thus far.

Value Delivered

Enhanced Scope – initially focus was on Drug specifications, but seeing the experience and hard work GVW brought to the table , the client enhanced their project scope to cover Sample plans , Work-sheets , Material specifications, etc. covering all elements of a typical LIMS Master Data Migration.

Well qualified and Experienced team – the current team of pharmacists and Bio-technology professionals have gained valuable experience of the content over the course of last three years, making the team an integral part of maintenance tasks as well.

Data migration ahead of schedules – Master data sets from from eight global sites have been moved to the new LIMS Platform ahead of schedule.

Cost Arbitrage – client is able to achieve tasks with the external content partner with seamless process execution, saving over 60% over internal deployment costs.