As a Value Chain Enabling company, Global Value Web (GVW) connects data through the Product Value Chain and the Patient Value Chain.

Through remote and on-site managed services, GVW strives to assist lab scientists and analysts, so they can focus on what they do best - their core areas. GVW then manages contextual services by gathering, cleansing, organizing, curating and analyzing the data involved.​

For more than 10 years, GVW continues to work with one of the largest Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies worldwide among others in making their Laboratory and Paperless Lab journey dreams a reality.

Through GVW's Global Collaborative Model, its science, pharma and biotechnology background talents work with a client’s technology / systems reality, and learn together - Thanks to our experience, we also share our insights on better lab data (and processes) such as:​

  • Laboratory Master Data​
  • Material Specifications​
  • Sample Plans
  • Methods Specifications​
  • Lab Worksheets​
... and everything else that is needed in the lab, to make it right-on-time and right-first-time. ​

GVW mainly works in the Development and Operations part of the Product Value Chain for 25+ sites globally but is now increasingly getting into the “from the patient”-“to the patient” value chain through data.​ We are technology agnostic, so we work with all technologies when bringing quality and data together - gathering, cleansing, organizing, curating and analyzing data.

Leadership Team

Louis Hendriks
Founder and CEO
As a Founder and CEO, Louis Hendriks is responsible for the overall wellbeing of customers and GVW staff alike. Louis is focusing on valued partnerships that are capable of providing Global Excellence to its customers. Through his 20 plus years of experience in global business process and technology services, Louis brings to Global Value Web a deep understanding of partnering in global networks, delivering competitive value to clients. Louis has in depth experience in the Energy and Energy industry, as well as the Health industry. He continuously works at combining the right companies to deliver global excellence to these industries. Louis is a strong believer of putting the clients customers at the heart of business operations. Louis Hendriks is an advocate of the “value discipline” and “the adaptive value chain & enterprise concept”. Prior to starting Global Value Web in 2006, Louis was managing the BPO Procurement services for Capgemini. For Capgemini Louis enabled the Global Procurement Capabilities as one delivery organization. For Capgemini Louis Hendriks has sold and delivered professional service solutions across Europe.

Dr. Krishna Bhagavatula Ph.D., MBA
Managing Director
As a Managing Director, serving the role since December 2020, Dr. Krishna Bhagavatula brings in a strategic direction to expand GVW’s global presence, portfolio of services, and continuous process improvement through strong leadership to drive the execution. Krishna has nearly two decades of experience in the Life Science and Healthcare Industries with a proven track record of transforming organizations enabling operational and business outcomes. His unique abilities lie in his strategic scientific skills backed by his business acumen. His innovative strategies have been globally applied by various organizations and thereby increased overall gross margins. He has significant experience in identifying KOL’s, developing collaborations, exploring new markets, building relationships, and thereby achieving set goals and objectives Krishna was earlier associated with Agilent, Taconic and Intertek handling diverse roles utilizing scientific and managerial expertise. Krishna holds Doctoral degree in Clinical Bioanalytical Chemistry with specialization in Molecular Medicine from Cleveland State University, USA, and Bachelor and Masters in Microbiology from Osmania University, India and MBA from The University of Adelaide, Australia.

Parthiban Sulur
Director Operations, Chennai
Parthi is the Director of Operations for the GVW center in Chennai, India. In his role Parthi is responsible to design and drive teams that can deliver customer value in the domains of data & Intelligence services, sourcing & procurement services. Parthi’s has extensive expertise in data projects of all sorts. Thus able to design and implement data & intelligence services teams across various data domains and industries. Parthi has managed data services teams in the value chain domain for over an decade. Experienced in the organization of product equipment related R&D, manufacturing processes, process quality and process improvement. Meeting the highest quality standards as demanded by GVW customers. Specialties include People skills, Project/Delivery Management, Sourcing & Procurement skills.

Ananda Ramachandra
Director Technology Services
Anand’s expertise spreads across development and implementing enterprise applications, planning, requirements analysis, QA strategies, risk management & project execution. Anand has many years of experience in leading and managing Project management/Delivery/IT Strategy for mission critical business applications. Experienced in implementing product development practices to application development environments. Organizational activities like recruitment, mentoring, appraisal, technology initiatives and knowledge management. Specialties: Project/Delivery Management, Content Management, EAM, Product Implementation, Development, Supply Chain Management/Logistic.