Wood is an incredible building resource, and the most commonly used one. It is available in abundance and easy to machine. While light, it is also strong and rigid with a favorable strength-to-weight ratio. The most important aspect is that it is a renewable source which is naturally environment friendly compared to other building materials. However, working with wood requires an understanding of its qualities, the constant changes of its properties, exposure to water and possibility of bio-deterioration.

Our Wood Engineering services include –

  1. Manufactured
    1. Residential or Family homes (Single & Multi)
    2. Commercial buildings/structures
  2. Mobile & Modular
  3. Open Joist
  4. I-Joist
  5. Wall Panels


Residential Homes
  • Includes – Tract homes, Custom built homes, Multifamily
  • Designed per International Residential Code (IRC), Uniform Building Code (UBC)
  • Designed to meet customer requirement, Plant standards & county specification
Design components
  • Roof trusses
  • Floor trusses.
  • Hangers, Beams, bearing enhancers, Blockings, Strong backs, – Rim boards & hurricane clips
Commercial Homes
  • Includes – Hotels, Restaurants, Nursing centers & Churches
  • Designed per International Building code (IBC)
  • Designed with fire walls and draftstops
  • Designed to include sprinkler systems in roof and floor
  • Designed for storage, mechanical, assembly room and Cupola loads
Design components
  • Roof trusses (Including shear , attic and draft stop trusses )
  • Floor trusses.
  • Hangers, Beams, bearing enhancers, Blockings, Strong backs, Rim boards & hurricane clips
  • Built in factory
  • Confirms all codes
  • Easy transportation
  • Modular frame is designed to deal with the rigours of shipping. Each home is constructed with roughly 20 to 30 % more material than a traditional built one
  • Ability to service remote location
  • Low waste
  • Environment friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Design flexibility
Open Joist
  • Convenience of open web
  • Available from stock
  • Flexibility of Field Trimming
  • Assurance of individual Testing
  • Open web Configuration
  • Trimmable ends
  • Finger joint and waterproof glue
  • Stocked item
  • Stocked in 1 foot of increment
Design components
  • Open Joist
  • Beam
  • Rim Board
  • Gusset plate
  • Strong back
  • Hangers
  • Strong and straight
  • More consistent in quality
  • Light weight
  • Less waste
  • ‘I’ Shaped engineered wood structural member.
  • Never have to trim more than one end
  • Prefabricated MSGL or LVL flanges and Structural panel web.
  • Allowable span – L/480 deflection criteria.
Design components
  • I-Joist
  • Beam
  • Rim Board
  • Gusset plate
  • Blocking
  • Hangers
Wall Panels
  • Walls are not engineered. They are based on time tested prescriptive framing methods
  • Consideration is given to critical loads requiring the addition of critical studs or header design
  • Must meet the building code, city, subdivision, customer and manufacturing plant specifications

Wall Panels –

  • Save installation time
  • Eliminate design and fabrication inconsistencies
  • Increase quality
  • Utilize less skilled labor
  • Reduce jobsite theft
  • Reduce waste (less scrap and material)

  • Understanding & learning your business, whilst understanding the need for speed
  • Customer satisfaction on speed, innovation, cost optimization and reliability – measurable
  • Presence of a global professional executive team who keeps track of the progress daily
  • Take our customer as a barometer for business improvement
  • Innovative in global operational models
  • Strong emphasis on time & quality management
  • Improved revenue and market share
  • Improved capacity utilization of the plants
  • Reduced design cost
  • Exceptional scalability