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L7 Informatics: Data Intelligence for Scientific Enterprises

From siloed data management
To seamless data integration

A complex life sciences environment demands a resilient value chain and transformed business model that breaks down data silos, reduces turnaround times, and places patients at the center of your operations. With an industry-wide connected value chain, data is readily available and accessible, which enables informed decision-making and quick reactions to disruptions in the supply chain.

Why Digitalize Life sciences Value Chain?

GVW enables the Life Sciences Value Chain transition by capturing and delivering data across the drug product life cycle. Our integrated data services, executed by Pharma & Biopharma domain talent combined with L7 Informatics technology, create a value chain data backbone, delivering better patient outcomes.

Through L7’s Enterprise Science Platform (L7|ESP) and all apps around it, we enable a unified platform for Pharma & Life Sciences that is focused on high-quality, next-generation therapies accessible to patients affordably.


A Value Chain Data Backbone of the Future

Integrating and engaging all of your organization’s data is key to better achieve your business goals. Having all of this information at your disposal will help you make informed decisions that can lead to increased profits and efficiencies. This also contributes to data integrity and on-time delivery of quality products.

GVW enables a Lifesciences value chain data backbone of the future by integrating People, Data Process, and L7 Informatics, delivering better business and patient outcomes.

Connect Operations

Improve Demand Sensing

Cost Savings & ROI

Quick Turn Around Time

Digital Supply Chain Twin

Transform your Business with Data Intelligence

Implementing an Enterprise Science Platform will help you unlock the full potential of your data, giving you a competitive edge. You can easily and quickly connect different data sets, allowing you to gain insights that would otherwise be hidden, providing a secure, consistent, and scalable infrastructure for data management.

Gayathri Narasimhan

Technical Lead - Lab Systems

Gayathri N is a Pharmacologist by qualification, Technical lead by profession with more than a decade of experience in understanding & working with different lab systems and solutions like CTMS, LIMS, ELN, DMS, QMS. Highly competent in interacting with life science clients, analysing their lab process &, requirements, assisting teams in lab systems implementation and base business activities. Also, a Certified Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor (IGMPI) involved in Internal and External Audits.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Abarna Santhanakrishnan

Network of Excellence Leader – Lab Enabling Services

Mail : sales@global-value-web.com |

Global Value Web is a network of data experts and technology partners that allow organizations to make the most out of their data. We offer valuable insights across the value chain that will lead to more efficient production processes and reliable quality products. We focus on a better execution today, while keeping in mind the challenges for tomorrow. With our shared knowledge and expertise, we prepare your data flow for a bright and profitable future.

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