Our people love your data

Our people love your data

Real World Data

From raw patient data
to reliable evidence

What happens to drug users after a drug is launched? Without the proper data, it is hard to say. Research can offer valuable insights, but we believe that accessible Real World Data is essential to improve patient’s health and satisfaction.

What is Real World Data?

Real World Data in Pharma encompasses any valuable information that relates to a patient and drug use. Most importantly, there is patient data. This data mainly focusses on health status and care that a patient has received. This valuable information can be obtained from:

  • Electronic Medical Record;
  • Lab Diagnostics;
  • E–Health Applications;
  • Drug Prescriptions;
  • Insurance Claims;
  • Health Monitoring Devices;
  • Genetic Test & Biomarkers;
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes.

On the other hand, there is data concerning the production and delivery process. For example, how much time it takes for a drug to reach a patient, or the availability of inventory for analysis.

How do we access Real World Data?

Real World Data in the healthcare industry is stored in many different places throughout many organizations. Pharmaceutical labs can learn a lot from the data, generated by General Practitioners, apothecaries, hospitals, disease registries, and insurance companies.

The first problem is gaining access to the data. If you do get access, you are left with an enormous bulk of data from different databases in different formats. This data is useless unless it is anonymized and standardized. Fortunately, Global Value Web is an expert in this field, dealing with complex data merges and migrations daily.


Real World Data: ready to use

Global Value Web makes sure that data is organized, anonymized, and ready for analysis. We combine data from different sources in a database and process the data to fit a Common Data Model that suits your organization. GVW transforms observational health data into a common format that allows real world evidence generation using OHDSI standardized analytical methods and tools. We enable your personnel quick access to this data.

We make sure that the data is available throughout the value chain. This will enable shared learning between functions and provide valuable insights that supercharge drug research, development, and operations.

Global Value Web uses Real World Data to improve:

  • Medical Product Safety Surveillance
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Personalized Risk Prediction
  • Data Characterization

Compliance is key

GVW ensures your data complies with policies and regulatory guidelines. We follow the rules to ensure your business continuity. Any organization that deals with patient data are strictly regulated. Regulated policies are to be followed to keep the right to use and share this data. Our experts are aware of these policies in different countries. We update our methods immediately when regulatory changes occur.

Using Real World Data to improve health

The analysis of Real World Data is a welcome addition to research amongst patients. Real World Data is needed to generate Real World Evidence, which can enable better decision-making.

Are You Ready to Dive into the Data?

We would love to show you how Real World Data can enhance the evidence-based approach in your organization. Lakshmi Kubendran is happy to tell you all about our services and our vision for the future.

Lakshmi Kubendran

Network of Excellence Leader – RWD & RWE

Lakshmi is a Pharma professional, certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, and has over 14-years of work experience in various streams of the pharmaceutical industry; including, but not limited to Sales and Marketing, Patents, and Literature Management and in Drug Product Development. She’s been with GVW for over 8.5-years and currently leads a Drug Product Development Team.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

Abarna Santhanakrishnan

Network of Excellence Leader – Lab Enabling Services

Mail : sales@global-value-web.com |

Global Value Web is a pioneer in data management. We believe that a fresh approach to data will increase your organizations efficiency. Having quality data will allow you to save money and lower margins of error, while our data analyses and analytics make sure that your people have the right data at the right time. Our subject matter experts work alongside your professionals and share their insights. They will make sure that you will make the most of your data, now and in the future.

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