Our people love your data

Our people love your data

Patient Data Privacy

From preserving patient data
To protecting patient privacy

Healthcare authorities are determined to protect patients’ privacy. The demands on any organization that handles health data are stringent and change constantly. Frequent audits can cost you valuable time and resources. But this does not have to be the case. Global Value Web will help you set up a sustainable patient data exchange.

Regulations are constantly changing

Creating a safe data exchange is a challenge. Making it sustainable is even harder. Regulations concerning health data are updated over 80 times a year. Different health organizations, such as the FDA and EMA, constantly add more detailed descriptions of how to store and handle data.

GVW’s patient data anonymization and standardization platform provide sustainable data exchange and data-driven activities for a healthier society. We create a healthcare ecosystem by linking and exchanging healthcare data.

We handle your patient data carefully

As data experts, we are all for privacy and keeping data safe. We protect sensitive information and anonymize the patient data before further processing in the following ways:

Patient Data Anonymization

It is important to protect patients’ privacy before sharing their data. Global Value Web scrambles the patient’s data, ensuring no tracing of personal information. We transform patient data into a standard format that meets quality and regulatory demands, which is ready to be used across platforms, locations, and organizations and enable secondary research.

Integrating policies and regulations

We make sure that the storage and handling of your data comply with current healthcare policies like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, or SOC2. We also follow trends in regulations to get one step ahead and prepare your processes and data for the likely future.

Enabling people to handle data in a safe way

Protecting the digital environment is one way to keep data safe. We also realize that you cannot protect patient data privacy without thinking about the people that use and access the data on a daily basis. We give a lot of thought to digitizing processes, minimizing the paper trail, and ensuring that your personnel will want to use the safest methods possible.

Work with experts in healthcare data

Our data experts know their way around the healthcare environment, as they work with patient data and research data on a daily basis. We know our way around the data streams of research institutes, medical universities, insurance teams, pharmacies, and the pharmaceutical industry. This allows us to share insights with you and your personnel and connect the dots between different organizations, branches, and functions. We like to work collaboratively to improve health benefits around the world.

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Lakshmi Kubendran

Network of Excellence Leader – RWD & RWE

Lakshmi is a Pharma professional, certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, and has over 14-years of work experience in various streams of the pharmaceutical industry; including, but not limited to Sales and Marketing, Patents, and Literature Management and in Drug Product Development. She’s been with GVW for over 8.5-years and currently leads a Drug Product Development Team.

Mail : freeconsultation@global-value-web.com |

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