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Drug Product Life Cycle Management – From Concept to Realization Overview

Why having an Efficient and Effective Lab Matters?

Let’s face it, the lab workload is testing compounds and samples. Lots of it! Increasing levels of digitization generates a wall of data; material specifications and laboratory methods to be set-up and maintained in many different Lab Systems amongst others. Global Value Web (GVW) deals with this data every day and proactively works towards an increased efficiency per Laboratory Master Data-type, so clients execute tests faster, reliably, with compliance, and preserving or contributing to the data integrity of the drug products involved.

This efficiency improvement involves a few steps:

  • Structuring Lab Master Data from Document-level to Attribute-level in mature Drug Product Lifecycle Management Systems
  • Generation of an AI-driven Digibots that can configure Material Specifications in LIMS

At PLA Europe 2022, GVW will demonstrate the Digibot Evolution following the overarching Life Sciences Value Chain context including Product Data to be captured at Attribute-level, linked together through a solid Drug Product Lifecycle Management solution.


Louis Hendriks

Founder & CEO

Louis Hendriks is Founder and CEO of Global Value Web (GVW). His mantra for GVW and for his clients is ‘Executing for Today. Organizing for Tomorrow’. Through his 30+ years of experience in global Business Process Services, Louis brings to GVW a deep understanding of partnering in global networks, delivering competitive value to clients. Louis has in-depth experience in the Health / Life Sciences industry, as well as the Energy Industry.

Through GVW, Louis continually looks to improve the quality of various value chain data areas, including the Laboratory domain, for its global clients thus helping multinationals to operate Global Value Chains, in compliance with regulations, effectively, efficiently, and resilient for the best value outcome possible.


Apr 26 - 27 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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