Shaping a Healthier Tomorrow: Global Health Summit with Global Value Web Leaders in Geneva



 Global Health Summit with Our Leaders in Geneva

The future of healthcare is digital, and we’re at the forefront of the discussion! Our CEO, Louis Hendriks, and Board Member, Usha Dasari, will be leading a panel discussion on the Digitalization of the Healthcare System at the prestigious Global Health Event in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 31st.

This landmark event, hosted on, brings together industry leaders from around the world to tackle the most pressing challenges facing global health.

More Than Just Discussion: The Global Health Campaign

The Global Health Event is just one piece of a much larger initiative. The Global Health campaign is a comprehensive effort that goes beyond discussions. It features insightful interviews, thought-provoking documentaries, and impactful collaborations with international business leaders and healthcare specialists.

Through this campaign, we aim to:

  • Ask the critical questions concerning global health.
  • Provide actionable guidance on driving positive change.
  • Partner with leading organizations spearheading groundbreaking health initiatives.

Working Together for a Healthier World

From developing innovative medicines to implementing complex health technologies, the Global Health campaign tackles a wide range of issues related to both physical and mental health on a global scale.

A Defining Moment for Global Health

Hosted on the prestigious platform, the Global Health campaign has the potential to be a defining moment for a global consciousness shift towards the pivotal importance of our health.

This is a call to action for the private sector to take a leadership role. Now is the time to prioritize global health and work together to create a healthier tomorrow.

Join the Movement

We invite you to follow our website and social media channels for updates on the Global Health Event and the broader campaign. Together, we can shape a healthier future for all.


Louis Hendriks

Founder and CEO of Global Value Web

Through over 30 years of experience in enabling global value chains/networks, Louis brings to GVW, a deep understanding of partnering in global networks, and delivering competitive value to clients. Prior to starting Global Value Web, Louis has driven many value chain improvements and integrations for various global companies.


Usha Dasari

Board Member at Global Value Web

Usha is an accomplished senior executive with a 22+ years track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharma and Life Science industry. A business transformational professional with extensive experience in post M&A and organizational change management to drive operational & financial benefits.


May 31 2024


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