GVW Partner, L7 Informatics collaborates with SAP ERP System

L7 Informatics, a Global Value Web partner, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with SAP ERP system. This partnership brings together the expertise of L7 Informatics in the field of data management and analytics with the power and capabilities of SAP’s ERP system.

This integration of L7 ESP, L7 Informatics’ Enterprise Science Platform, with SAP ERP system opens up new possibilities for businesses involved in developing and manufacturing cell and gene therapy products. With L7 ESP available as higher ERP system, the organizations can optimize their operations and manufacturing capabilities with actionable data insights.

Find out how can SAP ERP enhance Cell and Gene Therapy Operations in collaboration with L7 Informatics? Read the original blog here: Transforming Cell Gene Therapy Operations: The Power of Integrated Scheduling and Resource Planning Systems – L7 Informatics


GVW’s Founder and CEO, Louis Hendriks says,” We are a trusted transformation partner for our clients. GVW has the subject matter experts, in-depth industry knowledge, technical knowhow to make the technologies work successfully. GVW’s partnership with L7 Informatics will address one of the biggest challenges in pharma – siloed data and technologies.

Together we will combine data intelligence and Integrated technology platform to bring the data-process-people and technology together so that industry can bring quality drug products to people”.


Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D., President and CEO of L7 Informatics, is also excited about the partnership, stating, “We believe that digital transformation in the pharma and life science industry requires breaking down the barriers of data silos and embracing a process and data-centric approach. This methodology creates a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable model.

Through our partnership with GVW, we are committed to building a standardized data backbone, removing technology silos, and enabling rapid and informed decision-making.”


GVW believes that data can be a way to unify functions and processes in organizations. We ensure continuity of business through compliance and data integrity. Our experts help your experts to run operations more efficiently with lower cost and lower margins of error. Furthermore, we supercharge development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of the GVW Value Partners.


L7 Informatics reimagines data intelligence for modern life sciences and healthcare organizations. Beyond simple data management, L7 provides tools that optimize the flow of information between process and people, unlocking innovation at every stage of the clinical, research, and manufacturing value chains. Our comprehensive operating environment and software stack bring flexible, secure, and collaborative data intelligence to your entire operation. From regulatory compliance and workflow orchestration to customized applications and integrations, our end-to-end transformation engine helps organizations solve the challenges of today and realize the opportunities of tomorrow. To learn more visit https://l7informatics.com/.

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