Global Value Web & XpertRule join forces to deliver better business outcomes with Intelligent Automation

By Global Value Web, Liessel, The Netherlands, Wednesday 10 May 2023

Global Value Web (GVW) is proud to announce partnership with XpertRule, a leading software developer and provider of decision intelligence software.

Through this partnership, GVW will leverage XpertRule’s viabl.ai platform to deliver better business outcomes by digitally capturing the decision-making expertise of Lab Professionals to provide insights on complex business processes and help in the automation of those processes.

The partnership aims to transform the value chains for Pharma and Life Sciences and streamline operations using Intelligent Automation. This will improve overall efficiency and effectiveness by empowering organizations to execute tests and analysis faster and more reliably, with compliance.

In addition, our collaboration will preserve the data integrity of the drug products by – driving end-to-end automation of complex business processes; employing software robots or bots also known as “DigitBots” to accelerate Master Data Processing; transforming the current specification documents into document management systems; providing custom solutions to deal with complex data more efficiently and make data work across the client value chain , like deploying “DigiBots” for QC Master Data Management and Pharmacovigilance Complaint Data Management ; therefore enabling a low-risk, optimal cost, incremental approach to the adoption of Intelligent Automation.


GVW’s Founder and CEO, Louis Hendriks says, “We are the data transformation partner for life-science, Pharma, MedTech & BioTech enterprises, entrusted with the daily handling of drug product specifications, laboratory and manufacturing methods, recipes, and other critical data needed to safely and reliably research, develop and produce drug products.

As a trusted partner we enable successful digital transformation through aligning People, Data, Process and the underlying decision intelligence technologies. GVW with XpertRule as a key Technology Value Partner for AI, has been able to put decision AI to work in the highly regulated environment that LifeSciences represents. GVW clients benefit from the GVW talent know- how when it comes to the drug product data, in combination with GVW’s experience with XpertRule’s Viable.ai platform, arriving at a reliable and safe way of a next generation of operational data execution across the LifeSciences value chain. With the help of intelligent automation GVW aims at providing digital assistance for life-science operations to provide quality drug products to patients. Implementation of AI tools like GVW’s Laboratory Master DigiBot will certainly transform the way the pharma & life science operations work today!”


Alex Bentley, CRO of XpertRule says: “Removal of paper from the pharmaceutical manufacturing process is a key improvement in drug delivery. It enables operational efficiency gains and improves traceability and compliance in real time. Having data structured in a way that it can be used efficiently and combined with the power of human expertise is a game changer that allows manufacturing data to drive business value.”

Global Value Web drives business transformation for Pharma & Life Sciences, Healthcare and Energy organizations by connecting the dots across their value chain and enabling operational excellence in their digital transformation journey. Our solutions & services integrate People, Data, Process, and Technology that enable our clients to optimize operational efficiencies, maximize financial results, and allow them to serve their customers better.

XpertRule is a software business, founded by AI and engineering pioneers, that creates exceptional technology, to solve the most complex process challenges. We create more sustainable businesses with improved performance against cost, quality, delivery and experience metrics by deploying our advanced decision intelligence solutions – Viabl.ai and XpertFactory.ai – allowing businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. To learn more visit www.xpertrule.com

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