Global Value Web and Agaram Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Life Sciences Digital Transformation

Liesel, Netherlands – July 1, 2024 – GLOBAL VALUE WEB BV, a leader in Life Science services, and Agaram Technologies Pvt Ltd, renowned for enterprise-class laboratory informatics and automation solutions, have entered a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation in the life sciences sector

In an age where data is considered as valuable as any other asset, maintaining data continuity and integrity cannot be overlooked. GVW, with its proven track record in handling data from 1st test on molecule to finished (drug) product to patient, brings a critical component to the partnership. By combining GVW’s data excellence with Agaram’s proficiency in laboratory automation and digitalization, the two companies are poised to create a seamless and efficient digital integration for our clients’ laboratories in their respective ecosystems.

Through this strategic partnership, GVW and Agaram aim to enhance the digitalization journey for their clients by providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and challenges. By leveraging their respective strengths, the two companies are well-positioned to deliver exceptional value and improve client efficiency. This collaboration marks a significant step towards innovation for laboratories in the public and private sectors, as GVW and Agaram work together to enable data-driven technological advancements and foster a culture of ongoing digital transformation.


Louis Hendriks: GVW’s Founder and CEO, Louis Hendriks says,” As GVW increases its European footprint, and is reaching into laboratories that are key-value nodes either in the public or private sector, with the Agaram partnership we can bring the digitization to labs of all sizes and maturity levels.”


Mukunth Venkatesan, CEO of Agaram Technologies, added: ” Both GVW and Agaram’s core mission is the same — to alleviate the operational burden of scientific organizations and improve R&D efficiency. We look forward eagerly, as our solutions complement each other, enhancing our overarching vision to modernize and empower labs.”


About Global Value Web (GVW)

Global Value Web (GVW) believes that data is the way to unify people, functions, and processes in and across organizations. GVW enables better science and resilient business operations: “GVW helps organizations to have an impact on better quality of life. Through managed services and solutions that transcend existing systems and working methods, with services for both “Executing for Today” and “Organizing for Tomorrow”. Client satisfaction on every level is the ultimate indicator”.


About Agaram Technologies Pvt Ltd

Agaram Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading enterprise-class laboratory informatics and automation solutions provider. Their comprehensive solutions cover every aspect of laboratory automation and digitalization, serving both regulated and non-regulated labs primarily in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and research industries. Agaram Technologies Pvt Ltd is dedicated to enabling seamless data flows across platforms, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey of both companies, poised to deliver exceptional value and innovative solutions to clients worldwide.

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